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448 Holland St W, U 6, Bradford, Canada
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Unlock an unforgettable dining experience at Great Wall, situated at 448 Holland St W, U 6, Bradford, Canada, with just a few clicks on our reservation page. Indulge in appetizing culinary masterpieces. Secure a culinary journey by dialing +19057757763.

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1 /5 Rating average

I ordered 4 times from this restaurant. the staff was not polite four times. the last job tasted terrible and didn't taste like any meat they buy in the super market. I've experienced two times a stomach pain. I once ordered ripening and I could tell them it didn't taste like ripening. who thinks they're fooling themselves. you want to eat good Chinese, I recommend china garden. that's the last point.

1 /5 Rating average

not impressed. first I went in to place an indentation order personally and stood there for 5mins without being recognized. I tried to call in my order, which was a success with a wrong communication over the phone. No, where he only typed or cash, they covered the half of the load in plastic, and when my hahn did not work on my debit, I was asked if I had cash. they had to come out of their plastic barrier to get me the debit machine to use and when I went to eat my food in my car (to wait on an appt) no cutlery or sauces. I will not come back

1 /5 Rating average

Fortunately, this restaurant gave another attempt after ordering from our usual Chinese place in the city. Let's just say that I should just have stayed at ordering from our usual place. the food was really dirty, not very hot when it arrived at the door and they did not take off for delivery (we had to give the money in a sandwich bag to the driver).

2 /5 Rating average

nothing special about this place. always with such a setting on the phone. owner is a piece when work, always scream and just rude. last time we managed to turn our moss days. not sure we're all going back.

2 /5 Rating average

Rude on the phone, they stopped debit at the door and do not advertise this. Not everyone has credit cards. They won't even accept debit Visa. They tell you pick up is faster and cheaper but not everyone has a car. Quality of food has declined over the years

5 /5 Rating average

The food here is always fresh and hot. This is our go to restaurant. Very friendly family run business.

5 /5 Rating average

My husband I have tried every place in town, and we always return to Great Wall. The food is always amazing, the portions are huge, the flavours range widely throughout the dishes (unlike nearly every other Chinese restaurant in town) they’re super quick friendly! We also like that it very much has a ‘family’ feel to it. Some of our family recently flew in from the UK as well we recommended them as their first takeout meal here they LOVED it. They said it was some of the best they’ve had. Keep making great food being a staple in our community

1 /5 Rating average

We always like to support local, and we have ordered from here many tims without issues. But something happened most recently and I would like to warn others. My young child usually loves the chicken fried rice and chicken balls. This time we ordered something new which was the spareribs in a red sauce, which we also let our daughter try. A few hours after eating, she was complaining of bad stomach pain and she was running to the washroom the entire night. Days later, same thing. I took her to hospital and they did a stool sample and we were told she has a bacterial infection from a food borne illness. Most likely from meat not prepared or not cooked properly is what the Dr said. She's now on antibiotics.