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100 Jamieson Pky, Cambridge, Canada
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1 /5 Rating average

We are really disappointed with the quality of food here. We ordered Uber Eats and my men Chicken Pad Thai might have had a piece of chicken and both of our pad thai orders were as bland and it tastes like they use ketchup as the basis of sauce. The noodles were also really overcooked and muddy. So disappointed when we really hoped to find a good Thai restaurant around us. We won't order from here again.

5 /5 Rating average

Before I sat, I was so kindly greeted that I knew I would come back. Customer service ftw!!!! The food was really great. I had the red curry and it was so beautiful. I had lunch. It was appreciated so well. But I would pay more to have a bigger job, it was so beautiful.

5 /5 Rating average

It's our second time to be here. This time more satisfied. The food we ordered was delicious. And the crowd is not too much or too little. They used fresh ingredients for my gland. The fried spring rolls are very expensive compared to other restaurants.

5 /5 Rating average

? The food is served fresh and the proportions are very good. ? Beautiful ambience and clean place. ? Very good customer service. Food we ordered tastes good. Highly recommended!

3 /5 Rating average

Checked the reviews, gave it a shot. Took an hour for the fresh rolls and Tom Yum soup to show. And still waiting for our main dishes as I?m typing this. Wish I wouldn?t be doing this out of frustration, but here we go. I?m still waiting ?. The soup was salty, not typical or authentic for Thai. Fresh rolls, the sauces were great, can?t mess fresh rolls up. Once the main dishes come, I?m not sure I have time to catch our movie now, so I might need to get it to go? def not tipping. Poor customer service. Hope they hire at least one more person. Server seemed confused and disoriented took our full order AFTER we had our appetizers. And I?m dumb for letting that happen. Update: Owner replied to my review that they were busy. There were only 2 people in the restaurant. Why I took the picture. And in the span of the 2 hours, 3 people came in for pickup. I added another star because the pad Thai was good and the main dishes were good all in all.

2 /5 Rating average

To be completely honest, I really don't have anything nice to say about this restaurant. l'm giving them 1 star because I know restaurants are struggling during Covid. I'm giving them 1 star for the quantity of Chicken Fried Rice (not the Chicken Fried Rice itself. I'm deducting 1 star for Spring Rolls. Very small and not tasty at all. You can get them cheaper and better tasting from another restaurant I reviewed recently. I'm deducting 1 star for the Chicken Fried Rice. I don't know why there was barely any salt or flavor. I had to add Soy sauce and salt at home while I cooked it for at least 10 additional minutes. If I have to modify food like this, I can't give 1 star for the hard work I had to do on this food. I'm deducting 1 star for the hiked up prices. I have no idea why the Spring Rolls cost that much for the amount they give you. A kid might be happy with it but it's not worth the price for an adult.

5 /5 Rating average

Went today for a late lunch. The lady that owns it was so friendly, welcoming, and an amazing cook!!! I had the lemongrass chicken stir fry and some fried spring rolls ...absolutely delicious and cooked perfectly!! I also loved the tea pot, it was so cute and made me smile. When it was time for the bill she gave it to me in a small treasure box with candy (another super cute touch). This is a must try spot!!! Highly recommend!!!

5 /5 Rating average

Seems like a family rum small business that take care and pride in their establishment and their food. The menu is huge like many thai places. Every restaurant will make food a little differently with their own twist. We loved the food and the crispy spring rolls were great. They were skinny by crispy and delicious. The yello and red curries could have had a bit of a stronger taste, we felt the flavor was a bit mild and toned down. The flavor could have been punchier for our taste and compared to some other popular tha places. It was rather mild. Other than that the atmosphere was great, the prices fair and the food and service was good. The restrooms were clean as well. We were happy for our first visit and will be happy to try more things on the menu the next time.