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2699 Dunsmuir Ave, Cumberland, Canada
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1 /5 Rating average

I just wanted to go for dinner for 2, but I wanted to replace ginger beef for sweet and sour pork, just blame me for the difference lol, but they're sorry we can't do that? You lost my business, good work, ineffective. What about people who don't eat pigs? Who can't eat pigs?

3 /5 Rating average

I felt like traditional old school Chinese Canadian food and this place not disappointed. Apparently once in the awhile they do buffet, but today was not one of these days. Unfortunately I ordered a combination for me and it was quite good and traditional. It was quite fillable and cheap. You have a very large dining room and the restaurant was run by a mother and pop. I was impressed to get out of town because they don't make such Chinese food anymore. There was a certain demography of Chinese Canadians who migrated to Canada before 1990 (think 70's-80's, maybe 60's, who were sent in this special type of cooking, and it really is no longer found much in Vancouver. I think it's wonderful that Cumberland has this restaurant here and they make the food as they still do. Even the egg rolls are the traditional type. (Special mention of egg rolls because they are good and crispy. They don't make them the way they're here in Vancouver anymore.

5 /5 Rating average

delicious fresh food. Yeah.

5 /5 Rating average

Our first time we're getting off the New Creek Cafe tonight. Portions were generous, the food was delicious and hot, and every single meal was perfect! Thanks!!!??????

5 /5 Rating average


5 /5 Rating average

Tried New Creek Restaurant for the first time while visiting Cumberland. Was extremely satisfied with our classicly Cantonese dinner. Egg rolls were crisp and flavourful. Ginger beef had just enough spicy gingery flavour. Even the fortune cookies were great! Will definitely come back.

5 /5 Rating average

Amazing food, friendly staff, and good prices! I support this local family restaurant!!

5 /5 Rating average

Really good food and huge portions.. A hidden gem in the village.