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5 /5 Rating average

Lunch was delicious and well priced. Friendly staff. Nothing but good things to say about this place!!!

2 /5 Rating average

Don't know whether this is the south location of west of Edmonton. I have been to the one in west Edmonton and it's not good. The ambience is very dull, the food is not so great. The sambar is not at par. The decor is dull. I found it really uncomfortable eating there. Price is reasonable.i hope they work on the experience.

5 /5 Rating average

I love Indian food but had never been to a Sri Lankan restaurant before. I had the chicken kathur roti and it was one of the best dishes I've had in that style. Service was a bit slow but the food made everything well worth. Make sure to give it a try if you get a chance!

4 /5 Rating average

I had Sada dosa, Masala Dosa, Rasam, Omlet and Lunch at this place. I have been here several times with family and without family. I love Omlet at this place. But wish they give bread with it. It was Very Good South Indian Food

5 /5 Rating average

Being born South Indian and having lived in Chennai for four decades I can definitely vouch the food served here is quite authentic. Within 20 days I happened to dine thrice, twice in their west outlet and once in their South side. All were very good experience. Be it their Rasam, sambar, Dosa, Vada. But the highlight i would say is their Podi Idly. Very well done.Only thing on their down side is once around closing time no coffee/tea were available. I don't think it is difficult to make it available especially knowing the efforts to make but otherwise overall very good.Highly recommended.

4 /5 Rating average

They offer lot of Authentic south Indian food. Please try to Visit South branch as it has slightly better food than other one.

4 /5 Rating average

This is the only place I have eaten this style of food so cannot speak to authenticity.I have eaten there a couple of times and sampled wife's orders as well. I really like all of it.Very, very plain decor but it works for them.(south side)Super fast service. Friendly. Welcoming.Wide variety of unique dishes.Killer coffee. Called filter coffee. Nothing like North American filter coffee.This place is so unpretentious with no frills at all. Nothing like other south Asian restaurants around here. It is almost like street food in all the very best ways.

4 /5 Rating average

Went there with a buddy for an afternoon lunch. We were looking for real Indian food, and we certainly found it! What we didn't know, though, was that there is a bit if a difference between 'Indian' food and 'South Indian' food.Apparently, in South India (including Sri Lanka) they like their food spicy. I mean VERY soicy. The server was helpful: as soon as he realized we didn't understand the menu, he took a few moments to explain how it all worked. Basically, it lists a number of basic items, then prices them out with various options. For example, a dosa is a crepe, but you can fill it with all kinds of stuff. A roti is a mixture of things, all chopped together, but again, you can add things like chicken to it. Basically, everything is based on a vegetarian menu, but we added meat. I ordered a dosa with chicken and cheese, and my buddy got a chicken roti. There is a warning in the menu about allowing 15 minutes for your food so we waited patiently. When it arrived, I was surprised to find it served on a metal tray, rather like a large TV dinner tray, with a large section for the main course and smaller wells along the top for sauces and trimmings. Thinking about it, I realized they were the kind of thing that would be used at an Indian street cafe, as I'd seen in travel shows. Kind of a cafeteria serving meant for eating with one's fingers. Unfamiliar but efficient. My friend's food came out first, a huge pile of food, accompanied by a yogurt sauce with cucumber and spices. Mine came out next. The crepe was large and well-packed with chicken, cheese and veggies, served with a bowl,of lentil soup and aa sekection of three dipping sauces. Those were interesting. One was a tomato sauce, another was coconut, and a third was a spicy garlic. I tried my first bite, and right away I knew we were in trouble. At first the tomato sauce seemed quite nice, but within ten seconds or so my mouth began to glow. Damn, it was good! But OMG did it have a kick to it. My friend was having the same reaction, both of us bravely bombing down the food, gulping slugs of cold water in between. Neither of us could really taste the chicken, though. Definitely overpowered by the spices. By the end of the meal, we were definitely both stuffed, but we'd learned the lesson that rather than the mild curries we were expecting, South Indian food is spicy! Next time, I'll have the mildest possible dosa, and limit my sauces a bit. On the way out the door, I used the phrase 'Adventures in dining'. I certainly couldn't eat at Kathir more than once or twice a month, but for a change it was a great experience.