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1 /5 Rating average

Once again epic fail at the most arrogant restaurant on the sunshine coast. Knowing that a phone reservation is impossible we dropped anchor, tied up at the dingy dock and were told 1.5 hours wait. No problem they would text us at 2:30. We walked down at 2:45 and were told they texted us. We said look at our phone, no text and confirmed the correct . We asked how long the young man acting as a host said come back later and when we did he said not a chance we at all times kept our cool because this is what I have come to know about their many failed hospitality efforts.

5 /5 Rating average

Smitty’s Oyster House (not to be confused with the Canadian diner chain, Smitty’s) is a fun night out in sleepy ol’ Gibsons where you can eat well and drink well, but it’s certainly not for everyone. I would not come if you’re vegetarian or if you’re not into seafood or sharing eveything. I wouldn’t come here if you want to be cheap. I wouldn’t come here if you want pub food or an “everything for everyone” menu. No, Smitty’s is where you go if you want a loud, lively, fun environment, knowledgable servers who have wit and playfulness to them, where Spotify indie rock playlists and 80s pop/rock tunes fill the air, and where fresh oysters and share platters come fast and furious. The beer and wine list is great, too. I have been here twice in the past year, once in March 2022 and then recently in November 2022, both times with my visiting parents. My dad, who LOVES fresh oysters and his wine, is in his happy place here, always ordering bottles of local Okanagan wine or French Chablis to go with a selection of every oyster on the menu. And my mom, who isn’t an oyster fan but loves seafood, always finds plenty on the menu: crab cakes, halibut fritters (bite size halibut fish and chips), and chili lime prawns. We share it all. The oysters come with fresh lemon slices, fresh grated horseradish, a selection of bottles of hot sauces, and house made toppings, like champagne mignonette or cocktail sauce. Many, like the kushis, are sourced locally but some are shipped in from the Atlantic or even New Zealand. On our last visit we shared oysters, chili lime prawns, tuna tataki, the salad, crab cakes, and the halibut fritters the oysters came on a bed of ice, the rest was on a big wooden platter, which we scooped into our small plates. The servers will work with you to ensure you’ve got enough crab cakes and such per person. While that was a lot of food, we weren’t ready to call it a night, so we also placed an order of ribs and scallops with pork belly. This came to us server on a silver platter. Seven dishes plus oysters, it turns out, was enough to feed all four of us. The servers were great they always are. Always professional, detail oriented, and ensuring the best experience, making sure wine and water is always topped up and flowing. And for Gibsons, this lively atmosphere is so much fun, especially in the winter when the town’s otherwise dormant. While they’re closed in January and half of February, if you’re into seafood and oysters, book a reservation and go as a group for a delicious fun and memorable evening.

1 /5 Rating average

Firstly, they dont take reservations. So, we turned up early and managed to secure four seats on the outside table. We were told how lucky we were to get the places. We were made to feel they were doing us a real favour. The view was nice, but the place smelt like it was above a raw sewage pipe into the harbour. The waiter was arrogant, and made us feel as if we were lucky to be served. The drinks were good, as was the food. But the portions were small and the prices outrageously high. Once we had finished, they pushed us out of our places. I have eaten out in restaurants around the world and Smittys qualifies as one of the worst experiences Ive ever had. For some reason, they are so popular, they feel they can treat their customers badly. I hope people catch on: restaurants who employ staff who think they are too cool to give good service should suffer the consequences and go out of business. I will never return to Smittys and advise anyone else not to bother.

1 /5 Rating average

Ridiculous! Phoned to make a reservation but voicemail directed us to sort things online. Booked in error for Vancouver not Gibsons as no online option at the latter. Noted the error 10 minutes before due at table so cancelled. Explained our error and nice guy at the door took our number and said would ring when table free. Returned after 40 minutes to be greeted by a server (in fancy dress? who rudely told us they were closed. Explained had been told would be fitted in and insisted on speaking to our initial contact. He said did you not get my text? No we said. Went to check and magically the reservation book had been taken away to “cash up.” Mistakes happen but the stuff you attitude of the waiter who dismissed us on our return was unacceptable. Seem to have ideas above their station…

3 /5 Rating average

Reminds me of Rodneys back in VancouverI wonder if they're relatedThe decor and ambiance is very very similar-beach shipwreck themed.

5 /5 Rating average

I think when you come to this place you need to be in the right frame of mind.

5 /5 Rating average

I don't know how this place can have so few stars! It's a cool little place below Molly's Reach in the best location with probably the coolest view.

5 /5 Rating average

Every time we come to the coast we have to stop at Smitty's. The food is fantastic, best fresh oysters around! Love sitting on the patio (the long table is different and fun) and take in the beautiful view.