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810 Desmond Street, Grenfell, Saskatchewan, Canada
16 Reviews 3.5

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3 /5 Rating average

Could be seasonal but this place looked closed. Perhaps closed for awhile. Was looking forward to it but not happening today. Are at Vickis instead. Had to give it a average rating just to post this review.

4 /5 Rating average

I was searching for a place to buy diesel fuel for my car along the Transcanada Highway and stopped in the very small town of Grenfell, SK. We were hungry too so looked for a reasonable place for a bite. This was midday but nothing seemed to be open except for the Granite Bar

3 /5 Rating average

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2 /5 Rating average

Me and my husband flew on Air Transat on our Honeymoon to London.

1 /5 Rating average

Vacation Nightmare, worst customer service phone call I got.__I traveled with Air Transat to Europe before.

3 /5 Rating average

could be seasonal, but this place looked closed, maybe closed for a past. I was looking forward to it, but not today. are instead at vickis. it had to be an average rating only to publish this review.

4 /5 Rating average

I was looking for a place to buy the same fuel for my car at the transcanada highway and stayed in the very small town grenfell, sk. we were also hungry, so we were looking for a reasonable place for a bite. that was noon, but nothing. be open except the granite bar grill. I don't remember the names of the caffe, but my credit card entry gives this name. I think it has a name other than that. it was neither a bar nor a grill, but a beautiful bakery/sandwich caffe. the owner was asiat, who spoke almost no English. we had to show on elements on the menu so that she knows what we wanted. the sandwiches we ordered were then made by her with whole wheat bread in the bakery and all new fresh ingredients. we looked over the bakery and also ordered a cinnamon roll to split for dessert. the sandwiches were simple, but delicious, the brot was very fresh and very thick cut and the cinnamon roll was great. we noticed that a series of people come and go while we were there and all ordered a kind of baked that all saw very delicious. this is not a high concept craftsmanship caffe, just a simple, small place that was very comfortable to be in, while on a very long, boring journey that would give them a good lunch and a delightful dessert. I recommend it.