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5518 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS B3J 1G5, Canada
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5 /5 Rating average

The new location is very special for several reasons: 1. Service was very smooth and attentive without being overlaid. Plates were cleaned in time and my glass was always full. 2. The restaurant itself is upping it is game. From Reidel glassware to chilled beer glasses and all the way down to tapping on the hop sticks for better control, it feels like no detail was left out. I also want to submit it for the best restaurant Bad Award. Another aspect is that there are a variety of seating options to allow a private dinning experience. 3. The food was very good. My first time I try mackerel on sushi and egg cream balls and these two items keep me back. This new location rises the bar for sushi restaurants. An elevated experience, while also familiar and expensive.

5 /5 Rating average

really the environment they offer, loved, It feels like you are in the middle of the city from the city! It's just so classic! Service is good, glass water is only welcome drink and they care while you sit on the table. Loved the culture and the vibes. The prices are also very fair. Had Vegetarian dumplings (Gyoza/Momos), It was really good and crispy and sauce was on point not so cool, but mad, really liked it. And Spicy Lach's handroll was just brilliant! Can not be over the taste and texture of it. Stuff inside was made perfect and delicious sweet and soft it was.

5 /5 Rating average

Solid AYCE Sushi Square, went for lunch, price was incredible, hot items were fantastic, quality was wonderful, at the level of Calgary and BC Sushi Buffets

5 /5 Rating average

Amazing everything you can eat sushi. I clogged my face about faith here. The food is amazing and 100% worth visiting and experiencing. However, there are a few things to be careful; some of the sushi are ordered individually (i.e. 1 roll) and some come as 6 reels. Do not do what I have done and quite a lot of order one of all expected that 10 reels will come out and then 24 out in front of you... everything you do not finish will be calculated at the full menu price. (what fair is actually quite reasonable) the beer is ridiculously expensive. Fixed on the photo, I think beer was about $11. So I'm suggesting staying here for a drink either before or after. Apart from that I loved it here and will return!

4 /5 Rating average

I love their food so much! Ordered a couple time through SkipTheDishes but this time was my first time here in the restaurant. Sushi was so fresh and tasty, the sashimi was so tinder and juicy. The presentation of the meal was also very beautiful. Love the decor and the atmosphere was super comfortable. Why -1 star was because the servers collected the dishes very fast. They collected all the dishes while we were still eating. In the end I didn't even have chopsticks to eat what I didn’t finish. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t have enough seats, so they need to tighten up, but everything else was good. Love their food! Definitely will go back again!

4 /5 Rating average

Good sushi, I always get the boxes/lunch options they have, and havnt been disappointed yet. Recently had the gold box for takeout, good portion sizes for price! I Recommend.

3 /5 Rating average

The food isn't great. The sushi rice is a little hard. They don't include sashimi in their all you can eat. Some of the servers don't know how to smile and a lot sushi rolls are 6 pieces so you can't try that many of you're not more than more than 2 people. The grilled salmon belly come out as fried. Not worth it.

2 /5 Rating average

I had a few mixed and assorted sushi sets, they were all fairly mediocre. Fish seemed ok but flavour and quality didn't stand out, and ngiri fish portions were on the small side. Pickled ginger had an odd, musty? flavour. Miso soup was thin and watery. Included salad was just bad: pile of shredded iceberg with 2 anaemic tomatoes, I didn't bother. There are much better sushi places just a few blocks away.