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4 /5 Rating average

You won't find better value for the dollar! Great tasting, affordable, and we'll made hoagies! They have other stuff too and it gets quite busy, which is a testament to this Barton Street gem.

5 /5 Rating average

My coworker and spend half our our lunch driving there and back for great sandwiches. Where else in the city can one order lunch for two days for under $7?! Check it out!

5 /5 Rating average

My Brother in law turned me on to this place best sandwich and supermarket for sure downtown near the General Hospital a must Enjoy ! A A

5 /5 Rating average

I met a group of friends here for lunch a week ago. On one side of the business is a Portuguese Grocery Store and on the other a great lunch spot featuring a hot table. I had veal parmigiana with a bun on the side which was tasty. You can also order pannini stacked with procuitto or italian lunch meats and many other hot home cooked offerings. Several at our table had homemade soup. Everything was well prepared and delicious and shockingly inexpensive. The staff were very friendly. They have 2 or 3 kitchen tables where you can sit and eat, but most people seem to takeout their lunch and go back to work. The place is very plain, just a nice lunch counter. We were not busy so we lingered and had a nice espresso for a dollar more and chatted.

4 /5 Rating average

It had a been a couple of years since I had been here but I recently moved into the neighborhood and I am glad I did. My girlfriend and I decided to walk over for some lunch the other day and I didn't realize how close it was to where I live. The Portuguese banter from the employees and customers alike let you know you're in a no none sense neighborhood staple. A lot of people talk about Bonanza, which is great, but Duarte's is just as good and they are slightly cheaper. I got the veal with mozza on a bun and my girlfriend got the salami sandwich. She said no tomatoes because she doesn't like tomato on sandwiches and she enjoyed it very much. The veal sandwich was good, and I devoured it quickly, but I feel it may have been better had the bun been slightly toasted to stand up to the moisture of the saucy veal. It was very tasty nonetheless. Next time I'm going to get the meatball sammie as per my good friend's recommendation. Unbeatable prices and way better than any sub chain. You can get 3 sammies for the price of one subway sandwich and these sammies are way better. We were a couple blocks down the street when a car with a couple of guys stopped to ask where Duarte's was. I happily pointed them in the right direction and told them that's where we just came from as I proudly showed them my bag of sandwich. Clearly a word of mouth type of place. Might even consider doing a grocery shop there as it is also a full on food market.

5 /5 Rating average

was taken there for lunch today by a friend had no idea it was even there $2.50 for spaghetti and meatballs with a fresh Portuguese bun unbelievable

5 /5 Rating average

Hidden in a nice Portugese Bakery, You will find amazing sandwiches being prepared,I returned when I heard they have a great Hot table too !This place is a take out only placeSo maybe bring it homeOr your co wirkers will beSoooooo jealous!The Spggetti and meatballs are amazing.Or try a roast beef sanwich 2:50Dbl meat is one dollar more(And worth it)The lunch hour crowd is very busySo maybe go a bit sooner.Use your GPS. !This hidden gem is easy to miss.

5 /5 Rating average

This little corner store has been here forever and is like a diamond in the rough. Customers are always greeted when walking in. Walk through the store to the hot table and WOW! Quick and delicious lunch specials everyday that will never break the bank! My favourite is the Spaghetti and meatballs. I get a large (2 huge meatballs spicy or mild, or meat sauce) with a Portuguese bun.....are you ready for this? $4.00! I kid you not! The assorted sandwiches for $2.50 are great, add double meat for $1.00 They have codfish casserole, shepherds pie, pizza, veal on a bun etc. They are a family run business and treat customers like extended family. You can order trays of sandwiches for parties as well. While you are at the hot counter check out fridges on your right there is potatoe and macaroni salad. For dessert rice pudding or my favourite Cream of heaven try it! I truly believe in supporting local businesses and this is one that will not disappoint. When u check out grab a huge pepperoni for $1.50! There is something here for every craving and where can u get a hot meal for under $5.00?