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3 /5 Rating average

Ok, folks, location is not the best, especially once the sun goes down! Be safe and try to stick to drive thru if you know what I mean! Great burgers, however.

1 /5 Rating average

So my mom wanted ice cream late at night, and knowing everywhere else would be closed, we headed to McDonalds. We only went to this location because our server in the restaurant we had just eaten dinner at, told us this was the closest McDonald's in the area that was 24 hrs. We got there and my mom walked in and went up to the counter and one employee looked at my mom and was like "we're closed". My mom said to her "well the door was open!". And the employee replied saying "well another employee must have left the door open". This was at 11:10 pm. When my mom came back into the car I'm like are they not open? And then she told me this story. I don't understand how McDonald's is not open 24hrs? Their drive thru is open 24 hrs but not the restaurant. I've never seen this in my life. We decided to get into the drive-thru line (which had like 10 cars in it) and proceeded to wait about 30 min from the time we got in line to order till we actually got our food. How is that supposed to be fast food? My mom was thinking maybe they only have one guy working because the service was very very slow. I think we will never try this location again after our experience there and after reading other reviews as well.

1 /5 Rating average

I went to the McDonalds in Rutland, Hwy # 33 and Hollywood Road, Kelowna, British Columbia. I ordered a blueberry muffin and a fruit smoothie for my granddaughter. I then informed the drive through person that I had a coupon for a buy on get one free McMuffin and I would like two saugage McMuffins no egg. She told me that it could only be an egg McMuffin. I toold her that is not true -- I had used a coupon at an othe rMcDonalds in Kelowna and received my order as requested. She told me that this store will not honour the coupon for anything but egg McFuffin. I read her the back of the coupon which clearly states Breakfast sandwich. Again, is a confrontional tone that she didn't care what the other store were doing or what the coupon said this store was only giving egg Mcmuffins. I told her I did not want one and I would come in and talk with the manager. When I came up to the window to pay she again told me they were losing of this coupon and would no longer offer then in the future. I was "double dipping" ? I was getting a free McMuffin and should be happy with that and all stores are different and this one will only give egg mCmuffins with sauage/ham or bacon . I told her that was silly as you would be saving money as I wouldn't require an egg. She again told me she didn't care and they wouldn't be accepting this coupon in the future. As I had my granddaughter with me I did not go in to talk to the Managae. I did go to the McDonalds on Hwy 97 and odrered two saugage McMuffins with my coupon. That asked with or without egg. I said without and no issue what so ever. The woman at the Rutland was rude, unprofessional and confrontational.

1 /5 Rating average

Ridiculous drive-thru, employees were mumbling into the microphone, I couldn't understand a word. Next time I went inside, the service was better. I guess the food is everywhere the same, burger and fries were okay. I wanted to try their poutine, but it was not a good idea. I appreciated real cheese curds, but there was no gravy and it just does not work well with the McDonald's fries.. Not coming back.

1 /5 Rating average

The drive thru is a JOKE. Quite often they have not got menu items available. You always have to WAIT. They do not issue "Monopoly " tokens. Have a feeling that staff take them home. EAT ANYWHERE BUT HERE ????

2 /5 Rating average

One of the only places open it around 1130 pm it seems other then pubs. Stopped in and grabbed an angus and chicken burger. Came out fast and cold. Better then the usual McDonald's fare but not by much.

1 /5 Rating average

After having visited this location a number of times after how I was treated yesterday I will NEVER return.They obviously have a problem with their drivethru . When you order a cheeseburger who knows what they are going to say you ordered, A beligerent staff member who claimed to be the MANAGER was screaming at me across the parking lot after I had paid for more overpriced awful food and was driving away

2 /5 Rating average

Sunday in Kelowna and a lot of people eat here. It's one of the renovated restaurants that is more reminiscent of a casual dining place than fast food.Unfortunately, the place is understaffed so there was a huge, long line with just _one_ cashier taking orders (and one for the drive through). Long waits, disorganised staff. Took us at least 15 minutes to get a 4 egg mcmuffins and a cup of coffee. Staff are clearly demoralised and barely get the job done, with little enthusiasm.If it wasn't for the fact we were using promotional coupons, I'd give it a terrible rating.