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310 Springbank Dr, London, Ontario N6J 1G5, Canada
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5 /5 Rating average

6 of us had dinner at the Springs last Saturday. The interior is very nice, modern and clean, and there is a lovely outdoor patio ( it was damp the night we went so we got a table indoors ) The waiter was very informative and friendly , . The food was good . Worth the wait- a bread basket was brought to the table so no need to order appetizers. . My sister and I ordered chicken in demi sauce , which was ample in size and super tender. But the vegetable offerings that came with the dish were almost non existence. I got 2 asparagus pieces plus a tiny bit of cauliflower. My sister got the same plus one lonely carrot. The 'glass of wine ' selection was disappointing , but we did enjoy the Beringers cab sav.This was a family get together so we had lots of catch up - luckily as the service is slow. This is not the place for a quick pop in. But that being said, we enjoyed our meal and thought it was well priced. Nice little bit of back ground music . Elton John fan piano player !

4 /5 Rating average

Every time I go here I think to myself 'this should be great!'. And it is very good. Most of the food we've tried has been very good. The service is sometimes very good. But slow. The last time we were there we waited for about an hour for lunch. My husband was really unhappy and starving by the time his food arrived. At one point the servers checked on every table except ours. (I know because I was watching closely because I was trying to get their attention.) But they are friendly which is extremely important.

5 /5 Rating average

This place is amazing. Great food and atmosphere. They always go a step above to make it a great experience

4 /5 Rating average

What a lovely time we had going for lunch at this classy restaurant. We were seated at a table by the window and each ordered a glass of wine. The decor is elegant and they have a patio off to the side of the building. Unfortunately there was a threat of rain so we decided to eat in. We received the regular lunch menu as well as the Londonlicious special fixed price menu. Two of us ordered from the special menu and two others from the regular. Two of us ordered the Salad in the Piazza with greens, prosciutto, figs and shaved parmesan. It was amazing with a Balsamic dressing. Our entrees were Quiche of the day with salad, Grilled Vegetable and Coconut Curry Crepe, BRAISED BEEF BRISKET SANDWICH with slaw, fried onions and greens andSUMMER VEGETABLE CASSOULET with white beans, summer vegetables and deep fried kale. All of us were really happy with our choices and were too full for dessert. Our server was very aloof and did not seem happy with his lot in life. We had to call him over to fill up our water after a 10 minute wait and he did not even thank any of us for the generous tips we gave. The place was almost empty and yet the service was lacking.

4 /5 Rating average

Attended an anniversary party in their private room. The caesar salad as an appetizer was fresh and appealing. Perhaps could have used a little more garlic as it was hard to taste. The entree chicken with rustic mashed potatoes and vegetables was delicious and nicely plated. The servers did a great job getting everyone served in just a few minutes. I look forward to dining here in the future.

4 /5 Rating average

Was uncertain about what to expect after hearing that the chef had changed. I went with old faithful, and was not disappointed. Escargots and Harrar Espresso Venison Loin were excellent as usual. :)

5 /5 Rating average

I recently attended a veterinary continuing education lecture and dinner at this restaurant. It was a pre-set meal with a few different options. I was glad to see they had a vegan option. My first course was a roasted red pepper & tomato type soup, really tasty. The second was a mushroom risotto with fried tofu. I don't usually like mushrooms and this was fabulous! The dessert was fresh lemon sorbet. Service was just okay but they had a lot of people to serve. Good selection of wines and other drinks. Restaurant was very clean & nicely decorated. I'd recommend trying this place and I plan to come back on a regular night!

4 /5 Rating average

Went here with a friend who indicated the food was fantastic & this was a great restaurant. I found it to be good, but not great.Restaurant is apparently done using materials from an old church. The inside feels homey & has a rustic look, but I can imagine the wide open space being loud during busy times.Service was good - helpful server with solid knowledge of the menu, but he forgot to mention the specials until he go came back & took our orders. And only part way through taking our orders after I asked if there were any specials.Had the Duck Pierogies & Kung Fu Cabbage & my friend had Harvest Greens. Very large portions for an appetizer course. This was a theme with the mains as well - perhaps focused on delivering good value through large portions instead of great food. The Pierogies were very good - piping hot & flavorful. Very filling & with 4 large pieces plus all the duck & other items seemed like a lot for an appetizer. The salad was fresh & good - but was a very large portion that might have been more suited for 2 or even 3 people.For mains my friend had Duo of Ontario Duck & I had the Manitoulin Island Rainbow Trout. Again very good sized portions - especially the duck which I often find too small in some restaurants. The duck was good & my companion didn't share so I can't go by anything except the speed with which it was eaten up. The trout wasn't quite as good, & nowhere near as good as my Pierogies (did I mention how good they were?). The fish didn't have the freshness one would expect from what I assumed to be wild caught trout - leading me to wonder if it was farmed on Manitoulin not fresh caught. The apple butter didn't stay melted & ended up a jelly like glob that I had to spread around the fish to make sure some got on each of the two good sized fillets.Didn't do dessert as were quite full at this point. Overall I'd say a good restaurant but there are better choices for supposed fine dining & special occasions in London.