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Make your dining dreams a reality at Tim Hortons, located at 1384 Wellington Rd S, London, ON N6E 1M3, Canada, with our user-friendly reservation page. Immerse yourself in a world of mouthwatering dishes that will delight your taste buds. A reservation is just a phone call away at +15196857330.

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2 /5 Rating average

The cashier upon greeting her with a good morning refused to reply ...while ordering there was no hashbrowns or sausage ready...imagine that!!

1 /5 Rating average

Staff is not well informed and makes many errors. The wait time at the drive through is long.The food is not as good as it used to be, and they are very often out of many items. The Flatbread pizzas are smaller in size than when introduced.

4 /5 Rating average

What a downer after dealing with another coffee company's staff and products!At almost any Timmie's, the staff look and act like they would rather be elsewhere, doing something else. This is because mommy and daddy are making them (oh my gosh! work for a living and be courteous to customers who are indirectly, paying their ridiculous wages!Managers also need to be accountable regarding their staff, thus making the employees accountable in return.Food is the same as always,except the sizes get smaller, and the price gets even higher. Just bring back the normal size of the doughnuts, bagels, etc!If customer wishes to order food or more than a few drinks, they should go into the store and order there, instead of holding up the other patrons in the drive-thru!

1 /5 Rating average

So proud of the employees here! Last two times the bagel wasn't cut at all. They appear to have figured out that the knife is supposed to make contact with the bagel to cut it! They're just a little off center and didn't apply enough pressure. Hopefully soon they'll be able to figure it out! :

5 /5 Rating average

I had breakfast 3 days in a row in this exact location and here are my thoughts: They were very consistent in terms of getting my order correct, greeting the customer and overall service experience. In terms, of my orders, they always got it correct and also the BELTs that I ordered were consistent with what I had asked. Great wrapping job as well as assembly job on the BELTs as well. Jn addition to the good food snd service, the atmosphere was always consistently clean and it wasn’t too quite or too loud. Overall, would highly recommend this Tim Hortons to anyone looking to grab a quick eats or a drink.

1 /5 Rating average

The skinny Indian lady with the red lipstick at the window by far one of the worse I’ve seen at Tim hortons. She obviously hates her job. She literally threw the coffee at me and goes “NEXT” to her coworker and shuts the window on my face. It wasn’t even on a busy day. There was literally 1 person behind me. Someone needs to fire her immediately. There should be no place for her in customer service.

5 /5 Rating average

The Best Donuts ? in North America!

1 /5 Rating average

This is probably the worst Tims in all of London. I would not recommend it to anyone. I’ve only been here 3 times and each time has been a dreadful experience. The staff is rude and does not seem to want to work there. One time in drive through they gave me the wrong order and then asked for it back so they could give it to the customer behind me. When I told them I could not give it back because I’ve had already touched the food. They harassed me until I did. If I was the customer behind myself, I would be absolutely disgusted to know they gave me an order someone else has touched. They always have inconvenient problems occurring and are unorganized.