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4 /5 Rating average

good food. I've been twice, a bbq chicken dinner and the oxtail dinner. both come with rice and a small cup of makkaroni. the oxtail is good, but the dinner is not very good. the lady before me ordered a small one and received 5 pieces of meat. I ordered a large and received 6. Since the pieces are mostly bones, there is not really much meat (but this is the nature of the ochsen tail). that means it was still delicious. the server are very pleasant, but work slowly.

5 /5 Rating average

I saved the name of this place for 8 months. If I'm in the opposite, I have to try. the reviews were amazing. we ordered oxtail dinner, jerk chicken dinner, boneless jerk chicken dinner, curry goat dinner and fried chicken dinner (no picture for this) and gave us macaroni sides. I picked up an order or plantain and a goose beer. omg! they give them a lot of meat, spicy, but they can still taste the taste of the flesh. no one expects me to talk about macaroni on my own. it deserves. I have never had a creamy sweet and creamy macaroni in my life (warning: it keeps the vampir away). no wonder why everyone talks about it. overall I give this place 5/5 for the food, service and friendliness. that is a family business that supports it.

5 /5 Rating average

for the first time to pick up. I ordered curry goats, oxtail, patties and fish. everything was really good and homemade tasteful. I was so impressed and pleased. I would definitely return. very good employees.

5 /5 Rating average

I was here for the first time to eat for my family and eating was a big hit! the chicken was perfectly cooked with the meat that slides directly from the bone and the mac salat was so delicious. customer service was also amazing! highly recommended!

5 /5 Rating average

This place is a hidden gem! Friendliest staff, great atmosphere and the food is phenomenal. Been here 3 times now, never disappointed! Every time I go I try something new, so far my favorite is the Jerk Chicken, Pork Jerk and Macaroni Salad. I usually hate macaroni salad until I came to Wanda's Kitchen. 10/10 Quality Food

3 /5 Rating average

Have eaten here many times great food. But I came in today with 3 people ahead of me and 15 min to catch a bus literally in front of the restaurant. I left because if I waited I would have missed my bus. Staff look like they would rather be anywhere else and in zero rush to get through a growing line. I get it if food is being made but for the most part all they are doing it serving out of a hot counter and 3 people take 15 min?

3 /5 Rating average

I’m gonna give this place a hard 2 and here’s why. The food is good and tasty, that’s the 2 points. -1 point for closing 8pm, that’s too early. -2 points for portions, you spread the rice across the bottom of the container so thin, I’ve never seen any restaurant serve rice like that…just take a couple spoons of rice and be done with it. Do you really have to spread and measure and even take rice back to make it spread even across the bottom of the container? It’s annoying, rice is not even that expensive. I also noticed you use the same containers for medium and large. I saw a guy get pretty much the same oxtail as me and I ordered a large and he ordered a medium. And the big girl is overly concerned with how much oxtail is left at the end of nights. One time close to closing when I asked for an oxtail she rolled her eyes and then took two containers one for me and one to put aside some oxtail, either your selling food or not, is the food for customers or not? The patties are not good either. The mac and cheese pie is great but seldom offered. The food is good but I can find better with better customer service. The owner is nice so I’ll add a point, 3 stars for her sake, but she needs better help.

5 /5 Rating average

Absolutely delicious! My sister and I have been coming here for the past year and Wanda's NEVER disappoints! Thank you for the excellent food and all the hard work the staff put in. Keep serving quality meals and great customer service to the community.