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Southwest & Outer Montréal, 7700 Blvd Décarie, Canada
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Unlock an unforgettable dining experience at Gibeau Orange Julep, situated at Southwest & Outer Montréal, 7700 Blvd Décarie, Canada, with just a few clicks on our reservation page. Indulge in luscious culinary masterpieces. Dial +15147387486 to save a seat at the table.

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4 /5 Rating average

What do you eat when your better half has never been to Canada? Why, it's Orange Julep! So yeah, the ladyfriend has never been to Canada, and we were

4 /5 Rating average

This is just one of those places you have to go to.

5 /5 Rating average

Was visiting from New York, and could not help but notice this large orange shack in the middle of the road! Couple of relatives later told us what the

1 /5 Rating average

The juice is so delicious, but the prices are extremely expensive for some junk food. I took two small chicken poutines with two middle orange juice for 55$ food: 1 service: 3 atmosphere: 1

4 /5 Rating average

Food: 4 Service: 5 atmosphere: 5.

1 /5 Rating average

Vegetarian options: No vegetarian/vegan options whatsoever. Even their Orange Juice contains Egg. Beware vegetarians this place isn't for you. Service: Take out Meal type: Brunch Price per person: CA$20–30 Food: 1 Service: 5 Atmosphere: 4

3 /5 Rating average

I’m really impressed with the signature orange julep. It’s extremely sweet but refreshing. The other items are regular fast food. In front of the iconic are very spacious parking lots.

4 /5 Rating average

Service: Take out Meal type: Brunch Price per person: CA$1–10 Recommended dishes: Orange Julep and Poutine