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Make a reservation at Bocadillo, conveniently located at 6918 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3C7, Canada, Montréal, through our user-friendly page. Treat yourself to scrumptious flavors and impeccable service. To ensure a place, a call to +15145087172 is all it takes.

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2 /5 Rating average

We brought a group of 10 there for a birthday dinner and had a never ending wave of problems. Never holding a group dinner there again. When we made the reservation, they didn't tell us that there was a special event going on that night. The first person that talked to us after we sat down was there to ask how we wanted to pay the cover charge. Took a while to straighten that one out, but at least we didn't have to pay in the end. However, this meant that we now had to order from a reduced menu and with much less room for adjustments. Which was difficult, since we had a number of people in the group with dietary restrictions, including vegans. The waiter could not for the life of him understand what veganism is. He kept trying to offer them dishes with cheese, fish ("It's not really meat") and lard. In the end they got a plate with a small assortment of fruit and rice, but also including beans with lard and actual bits of meat in them. Despite making this clear they were charged for the beans and the waiter even had the gall to complain when they didn't tip him. Early on we tried to order a couple of plates of starters for the table, but somehow ended up with individual plates for 8 people.The food itself is decent enough (of you're an omnivore,) and the wait staff is friendly (if clueless) but it's just not worth the constant hassle to bring a group there.

3 /5 Rating average

I saw advertising in Montreal blog some time ago and I wanted to visit. No reservation was required on Saturday night. It all looked like fast food, too fried and a bit too greasy. Ok to go if you want a quick bite (though you have to wait till it’s cooked) and you are in the area but not worth a special visit. Some cultural experience, I guess

2 /5 Rating average

The food was great, the waiters were attentive and quick and the live music was good. Made me feel at home, even though I'm Mexican, not Venezuelan; but the whole latino feeling, the warmth of the place, the festive ambiance went down the drain when the manager came out of the restaurant to charge us for a cover for the band that he insisted had mentioned at the time the reservation was made. The problem was not paying for it, we would have been happy to do so. The problem was his attitude, talking to us like we were thieves, basically calling us liars, raising his finger to our faces saying that he was the manager and he did tell us about it and that we had to pay ten dollars now instead of five because we had left. To any new possible customers: Make sure you know what you are supposed to pay for unless you want to be chased down the street by this guy. To the owners: Fire him! Today eight people who had never been there before were talking about coming back with friends and family and now we are not. Very disappointing end of the night.

5 /5 Rating average

While shopping in Little Italy, we found this restaurant by accident, stopped in and thought "Wow......what great food! Venezuelan is fab"! The prices are good, the chef and wait staff are great and knowledgeable and the variety of food offered, which is not something we could cook at home, is out of this world and worth another visit the next time we are in Montreal. Check out their website and instagram for details on their food and pics of the food. We loved it.

5 /5 Rating average

Super tasty Venezuelan food! Pulled pork marinated for 48 hours and Amazing flavours in the burgers in Little Italy was just what we needed in an area that had very few restaurants open between 3 and 5 pm.The owner was super friendly, helpful and welcoming.Would put this up in the top 10 of my favourite comfort food places in the world.

1 /5 Rating average

I was invited to Bocadillo for a friend’s birthday party. I am vegan, so I don’t eat any meat, fish, dairy, or eggs. I did not expect to have many options at this restaurant, since I understand that South American cuisine typically features meat, fish and cheese. Since there were no main dishes on the menu that were vegan, I decided to order a drink and a vegan appetizer (fried plantains) for my meal. After taking my order, the waiter returned and offered to bring me a plate with only vegan items on it: beans, rice, fried plantains, and avocado. I asked him if the beans would be vegetarian, and specified: “with no meat in them, and not made with meat”. He said “the beans do not have any meat”. I also specified that I did not want any cheese on any of the dishes. When the beans arrived, they had cheese on them. I explained again that I do not eat cheese, so he took them back to the kitchen and returned with a new bowl of beans without the cheese. I then discovered that the beans did, in fact, contain meat – my boyfriend, who is also vegan, found a piece of pork in his beans and other diners in our party confirmed that there was meat in their beans as well. When I told the waiter, he just took the beans back and said “I’m sorry.” He charged me the full price for the meal and did not offer to take any action to compensate for his mistake or the fact that I couldn’t eat a fourth of the meal I’d been served. I decided to pay for the meal but not leave a tip. Our waiter then asked me if I had forgotten to leave a tip. I explained to him that I was not leaving a tip because he had told me that the beans were vegetarian, but that they contained meat. This restaurant, or at least this waiter, clearly does not understand the concept of veganism (or even vegetarianism,) and does not care about providing decent customer service. I encourage vegetarians and vegans to avoid this place and instead support the many other restaurants in Montreal that do.

4 /5 Rating average

Good selection on menu, and our sandwich was delicious. Great atmosphere but service was too slow. Would go back and try other dishes. Was told that the soup of the day runs out around 3PM. Why not make more to offer for dinner diners?

2 /5 Rating average

We ordered this restaurant for a home delivery of a ridiculously incredible value of $80 (1 mixed entrance and 2 sandwiches)... major disappointment. the entries are hyper salted, cooked in large frying and all tasted like industrial panned mozzarella sticks. at $25 for a small mixed dish of entrances accompanied by a honeymoon salad in mayonnaise (of course not typically Venezuelan) and 4 other microscopic sauces, it is beyond a qualified flight. then for sandwiches (to $16-18 each,)! the advertisement indicates a marinated meat of more than 24 hours. Obviously, the lack of taste and the hyper-dried side of the meat attempt to demonstrate the impossibility of this assertion. with the obligation to pay a surplus to have 4 fries of cold cassava in accompaniment, and no greenery, nor sauce, the absence of culinary effort at these fierce prices is dafening. It is a restaurant to be avoided at all costs. especially when it offers much better alternatives at seriously more reasonable prices.