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5515 Monkland Ave, H4A 1C8, Montreal, Canada, Montréal
81 Reviews 3.7

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1 /5 Rating average

I've never been sicker in my life after eating in this restaurant. not to mention the extremely low customer service. the manager is rude. please don't let them do this with them. there are many other great sushi restaurants in montreal. avoid at all cost

1 /5 Rating average

terrible fishy sushi. not recommended. owner was extremely rude and did not want to offer any refund. terrible customer service.

1 /5 Rating average

dreadful sushi, not fresh. even worse customer service. extremely rude manager/owner. I do not recommend this place. scam

1 /5 Rating average

we feel so beautiful. the worst sushi we've ever had. all Sushi restaurants closed on valentinstag (Monday) so we decided to try this place and it is absolutely horrible. it is a was, has calculated us $80 for inedible salmon and the cheapest portions, see how small the avocado maki is on the photo. I want to get away. never again.

5 /5 Rating average

Formerly known as Mikado but under the same management and new name Kiku this (still) family owned restaurant provides unchanged, stunningly presented meals made with great care and attention to detail. Generous portions of fresh ingredients, very savoury, creative sauces and a homemade ice cream that rivals most parlours make this beautiful flower an essential destination for sushi lovers.

5 /5 Rating average

Excellent Sushi, delicious Specialty Maki, pretty to look at and even better to eat.Quality fish and very well prepared sushi rice.A favorite that got better under a new name!

1 /5 Rating average

! This restaurant shouldn't be above 4 stars.I lived in Japan, tried most Japanese restaurants in Montreal, tried tons good ones when I lived in NYC, so I know what I'm talking about! Maybe the presentation and the environment makes it good enough for ppl who haven't tried the real good ones, but not for me.The fish is not that fresh, not enough selection for sake at all, the appetizer recipe is just not good. One of the appetizer I could barely eat it. The ingredients are so blend--boiled wakame, seasoned sliced cucumber that's not seasoned long enough, and the octopus in it is too huge to chew. Like all good Japanese sushi chefs know not to cut octopus into such big chunks!And OMG the sushi, are you kidding me! The sushis are not hold together by the chefs skills, but how sticky the rice is. It's simply not the correct texture for good sushi rice! The tempura is premade so it's cold, and the crust is soft and not crunchy. This is like all you can eat sushi quality selling at premium price.None of the dishes I ordered met my expectation for this price range. I feel bad for all the ppl whos regular returning customers here. With the same budget, please go somewhere else.To be fair, their waiters are friendly and nice. And their uni is cheap if you just want lots of uni, and the uni itself is not bad. 9 for 2. Top sushi restaurants can be around $9-$12 for just one nigiri. Note: there actually isn't much difference of the uni quality between a just OK sushi restaurant and a good one. To have really fresh ones you need to go to the fanciest rank, like Jun-I)But that's abt it wFarewell, never coming back. w

5 /5 Rating average

Not just sushi, it's an experience.