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648 Terminal Ave, Nanaimo, Canada
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3 /5 Rating average

My boyfriend and I went to the location in downtown Nanaimo. First impression: worn booth seats, menu was full of typos. Are they this careless with food too? I ordered anyway. Food: Clam chowder was perfect. I also ordered a burger with a salad. Seems like the salad was one of those ?salad in a bag? salads with added dried cranberries and almond pieces. Burger was cooked fully, patty made well but the lettuce was wet. Kinda gave the burger a watery taste. Boyfriend had the fish and chips. They weren?t overly battery which is good. Overall, it was an okay restaurant. But there?s room for improvement. Server gave good service.

1 /5 Rating average

Saw the senior 25 discount sign. Went in and ordered omelet . Bill came at end no 25 discount. Server told me I had to order off senior something and it was all detailed in the menu. Well I did not see that and no one either person seating me or server mentioned anything. Won't be back, ever.

5 /5 Rating average

update- I added a picture of their turkey dinner...serving was huge, tasted like a home cooked meal! Sometimes it's just easier to go out for Thanksgiving; no dishes, no cooking, no mess! 60+ Menu! Great choices! $13.49 for fish and chips and if you go there on a Monday, an additional 50% off, with a beverage. I enjoyed my fish with a salad, which was quite satisfying. Can't beat the price! Tip: if you are super hungry, best to order from the regular menu, as the Prime Timer's portions are smaller.

2 /5 Rating average

I'm.not sure what has happened. The food was extremely undesirable. The burger was so greasy. My son didn't finish it. My pork chop was was so very small and thin it looked like a piece of sandwich meat. Service was slow and not very friendly until they presented the bill. I am very disappointed with the complete experience this time. The washroom looked like it hadn't been maintained. Lock broken tissue was almost out. Tissue all over the floor and toilet. I am very sad to see how much this establishment has gone down in the few months since I was last here. It will be a very long time before I return

5 /5 Rating average

Really great food, the patio was nice to enjoy. Shaila was awesome and very friendly!

2 /5 Rating average

Great food, for the most part the service was good, our bus-person worked hard and was there right when we needed him as he was attentive. Things went south when I over heard a comment from our waitress as I was coming back from the washroom and the total lack of appreciation for the gratuity. Tips are not an entitlement they are earned. Get over yourself.

3 /5 Rating average

I ordered the homemade chicken pot pie. It was just okay, wouldn 't order again though, the filling of the pot pie was kinda gritty, the crust felt a bit doughy. The salad on the other hand, was great. We sat on the patio, which is lovely. The server was nice. Parking is kinda terrible. So will most likely have to park in a further spot in a sketchy area. Unless you luck out as someone is leaving. The Pantry has been a restaurant my family has eaten at for over 30 years.

2 /5 Rating average

I hadn't eaten here since the pandemic began. It wasn't as good as I remember. The staff was new and not overly friendly. The mashed potatoes were only semi-mashed and the roast beef was luke warm.