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9097 Commercial St, New Minas, Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 3E6, Canada
916 Reviews 3.8

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2 /5 Rating average

Went for breakfast one weekday morning. The service was poor and slow !! When we got our order it was wrong. Must have been a new girl on cash, I e went over my order at least 3 times and she still got it wrong . Why would a fast food restaurant deliver your order to your table ?? Won't be in any hurry to go back must have been some people there from head office, the employees we re tripping over each other.

5 /5 Rating average

The manager at this location is incredible. He truly cares about his customers and his employees. He encourages them to do their best, and always tells them that they are doing a good job. I've never seen a manager so involved and incredible in my life. Other restaurants and fast food chains in the area need to take notes from this manager! A++ service! I want to return just so I can get that level of service again! It put a huge smile on my face to see employees enjoying themselves at work, even though it was really busy. GREAT JOB.

1 /5 Rating average

Starts off the debit machine metal holder came aparr and off as the the girl was handing the machine out the widow, and it hit and scratched my drivers door.!!!!!!!!!!!!!..she laughed!! What kind do of an idiot laughs at something like that? I started to get out to assess the damage she says you can't block the drive thru...we pull ahead they are handing our order out the window we ask for receipt...Nada! no receipt...finally after refusing to move ahead she produces a receipt. We ordered big macs with bacon and extra pickles...(it's on the box sticker) and guess what? Not a fricking pickle on either burgers. Never again! And the gall to laugh at my car being damaged !!

3 /5 Rating average

A few weeks back I went through the drive thru and when I got to the speaker it was difficult to place my order because the girl taking my order was laughing with someone who mustve been standing beside her. When I got to the first window I was correct there were 2 girls standing there joking around and laughing with each other and continued to have a full out conversation while I was waiting in my car for them to take my change. wasn't a horrible thing that happened. I wasn't even mad because I myself work at fast food as well and I know that sometimes fun can happen at work, but for the future those girls should try their best to be more professional when customers are in view, because I wasn't mad but there could've been a customer at the window who really complained. Overall, my food was good and that was the only problem I encountered.

3 /5 Rating average

This fast food chain is the same everywhere I go, and the quality is average. I do enjoy their new electronic system for taking orders as it is a lot more convenient.

4 /5 Rating average

Heard the lobster rolls were very good so we stopped in last week. Have to say it has been years since we have been here. We were greeted at the door and taken to the new ordering center. She plugged in our order for us, we paid at the machine and out popped our receipt with a large number that was easily visible. We waited a few moments while looking for a table. Kathleen even got us our drinks of water. It was delightful and have been back twice more for the lobster rolls. Too hot to cook and a deal at $7.99 each.

3 /5 Rating average

You always know what to expect from McDonalds, and you get just that. The burgers are good and the service is regular fast food counter service. The prices are competitive and they make the best coffee.

4 /5 Rating average

Great place to go for a mid morning coffee break. They have freshly made muffins, carrot, low fat cranberry orange. Coffee refills are free.