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187 Bank St, K2P 1W7, Ottawa, Canada
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3 /5 Rating average

the most convenient location for me, but in any case needs some interior renovation, it feels very dated.

2 /5 Rating average

I ordered a medium French vanilla and 10 old fashion glazed timbits. the lady gave me the fench vanille and old fashion donut. when I tried to correct them and ask them for timbits and not for a donut. She told me that in the bag the old fashion glazed you wanted. you just have to look into the bag

1 /5 Rating average

tim horton at 187 bank st. ottawa: please inform our employees how they treat customers, advertised customer support, I have never seen, rude and respectful. what we get is not free, we paid for, means that they treat customers to the same wise.

1 /5 Rating average

I went in to get a drink, but needed washroom first there was a guy in front of me so that he opened the door I went in not even 2 minutes they asked me to come out washroom I had never seen the opportunity to go into washroom I would recommend no one to go to use this place to cooperate and bank tim hortons I would have looked this place so I would not evaluate it. Coach routes there also during the session at the table before they need new management, I will contact tomorrow the better business bureau

1 /5 Rating average

Just watched an older man ask for 10 minutes to use the washroom only to be denied because he thought you needed a key. He asked for the key to the bathroom so 2-3 staff members ignored him while the manager who was hanging out in street clothes went to the door of the entrance to the hallway of the bathroom and closed it, with the door sign reading bathroom out of order. He did that, smiling looking down on me after I asked for the bathroom to be unlocked on the guy’s behalf. Because there’s nothing like watching a guy plead to use the bathroom while I’m trying to enjoy a donut.There are barely any bathrooms on bank st. as it is. Respect is a two way street. And sadly, all I saw was hate at this location.The manager that was in street clothes hanging out in the lobby but still being a manager. What kind of professionalism is that. The bathroom didn’t magically go out of order.Anyone reading this, there are like 15 other locations downtown and 100 other places to go as well. Please go to any where else and don’t support this franchise. I will no longer, I hope you join me.

2 /5 Rating average

Morning staff is amazing. The night staff are more interested in shut down the coffe shop at 1800hr than makeing food or coffees

1 /5 Rating average

Not a first time but more than 3 times gave me wrong food..

1 /5 Rating average

Ordered a bagel BELT and it didn’t have lettuce or tomatoes. i had milk with the order and it expired june 26 and was watery with chunks in it. Please get rid of the expired products. Unfortunately it was a skip the dishes order so i couldn’t say anything directly.