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597 Monaghan Rd, Peterborough, Ontario K9J 5J1, Canada
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1 /5 Rating average

Had breakfast here and was treated like crap. They made me feel like my business was worthless because I was not a regular. Will never be back.

1 /5 Rating average

Terrible service. If you are not a regular here you will be treated like garbage. Never before have I ever felt so unwelcome at a restaurant.The server was angry at us for simply coming in. The food is good for the price but is overall average.

4 /5 Rating average

Lovely little diner in the southeast end of Peterborough. Good food and service. Very reasonably priced. Thank you.

1 /5 Rating average

If you do not want the business put a door there we have walked out several times because of the chain , we will not bend down and crawl under a chain, I have had a hip replacement and my spouse a bad back, conceder the age of your customers and either hire someone or put up a door

1 /5 Rating average

My goodness, this pizza and Caesar salad are just about two of the most awful things I've ever put in my mouth__I'm in town for the night.

5 /5 Rating average

Everything we ordered was incredible - pizza, pasta, and the appetizer platter were all top notch.

4 /5 Rating average

Familly staple, we always grab a few pizza's while vacationing. A MUST for us every summer we are there. Well done A

1 /5 Rating average

For those not in the know, this is now Mamma 's Country Kitchen . They are one in the same. I 'm not sure why it is still under this name on Trip Advisor, but the address for both is the same. We previously went here on probably 3 or 4 occasions. Great after church place, and we love to support local restaurants vs chains. We were pleased. The servers were friendly and you felt welcome. The food, while it took a bit long, was great. My daughter 's favourite was the chicken fingers. Mine was the hamburger, and my husband normally got the club. We hadn 't been there in awhile just due to life being busy. We had a friend with us this past Sunday so wanted to take them for a great lunch! We went to Mamma 's, and I 'm sorry to say we will never be back. We arrived and the restaurant was about half full. Our server greeted and seated us. Let me get this straight. My rating of one star is completely for her! There was nothing else positive. There were 4 of us. We ordered 2 chicken fingers and fries (one substitute of poutine for fries), hamburger and onion rings, club and fries. Then the wait began. We waited and waited and waited....After about 1/2 an hour the waitress came up and apologized but announces that there was only one chicken fingers meal left. What??!! We 've been waiting for 1/2 hour and they first realized this! She asked if we wanted to order anything else. We 've been waiting for 1/2 hour and you have just started our meal...No! Adding one more thing to our pretty short list is just going to delay things. We decided 2 of us would share the one chicken fingers because of having the sides. We 'd live, although we 're now starving!! Another 25 minutes goes by. The food finally comes. The onion rings and fries are overcooked and deep fried in old grease. We all know that taste!! Not good. The poutine gravy was cold. The cheese on the poutine was minimal and not melted. So basically all 4 sides ruined. The mains were OK. The chicken fingers were slightly overcooked. The bacon on my burger was burned. The toast for the club was burned. I don 't want to pay $40 for 3 lunches that were 1/2 good. All around us people were hungry and complaining. Every breakfast plate that came out had burned toast. The tables next to us were going to leave. Creamers had spilled when they were cleared from the table. We used our napkins to clean it up but were never offered more napkins. We were never offered water. We did not get the plum sauce that was supposed to come with the chicken fingers. Seriously? You didn 't have that 2nd order of chicken fingers we wanted to buy and you forget the plum sauce for the one we got? At the end of the lunch we decided to pay our server the tip directly. While she hadn 't brought more napkins or offered water, we knew it wasn 't her fault that the lunch had taken so long or that we weren 't made aware of the shortage of chicken for half an hour. So my husband went up to pay the bill while I gave my daughter cash to give directly to the server. Our bill pre-tip was $35.60. My husband went up and gave $35.75 to someone we think was the owner and told her we 'd tip at the table. She took the money and said, OK. We 're good. He repeated we would tip at the table. She looked at him again and said, So we 're good. We 're talking 15 cents people, but after a horribly long and awful lunch, now it 's down to principle. He told her he would pay the tip at the table and was owed change and she said, No. We 're good! She then walked into the back. We were tempted to leave nothing for a tip after that, but our waitress was friendly and kind. We gave her the tip directly but the person we think is the owner immediately returned and directed her to put it in the bin with the rest. I wanted to say, No! you don 't get that! She should. Anyway, unfortunately we will never be back. Long wait, no apologies for it, cold food and old grease. To the guy who said, Get over not feeling welcome ...I don 't really care about that. Sure there were people who were served before us that came in after us. They were definitely regulars . I get that. They are there every week. But the quality of food should be great regardless of who you are...unless you really don 't care about NEW repeat customers. Sorry Mamma 's. This Mamma is going somewhere else. There are too many GREAT privately owned restaurants in our city!!!