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6843 Rochdale Blvd, Regina, SK S4X 2Z2, Canada
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5 /5 Rating average

Love this place! The food is always awesome and the prices are fair and keep us coming back.

3 /5 Rating average

This place is not authentic for Chinese food... but a Canadian version of a Chinese take out. No offense, it's good especially if your lazy one night and wanted something fast to eat. They are fast for as long as you order earlier or later in the day not during peak hours... My favorite here is the Shanghai noodles, spring rolls and pineapple chicken balls, lol...

4 /5 Rating average

It was busy after six on a Saturday. We ordered well ahead of time, saying we would pick up at 6:15. We still had to wait but only for 15 minutes this time. In addition to the combo we also ordered dry ribs. Egg rolls were tasty and crispy. Almond Soo Gai and almond diced chicken were delicious. There were enough chicken balls and shrimp - two of each per person. The two containers of chicken fried rice were enough for eight. Other dishes included shanghai noodles, mushroom & chicken chow mein (lots of chicken), and beef with mixed vegetables. Everything was hot and very good. Compared to other Chinese food places in the area, SR Kitchen’s prices are very reasonable.

2 /5 Rating average

As western goes the food is tasty, but the SB Kitchen is so not authentic i can't give more than 2/5. It is a shame they don"t go to thier roots and add some authentic dishes...enjoy!+

1 /5 Rating average

We were very disappointed in this restaurant, we heard it was good but we ordered a dinner for 2 and a dinner for 5 and also some extra chicken and won ton soup, $88.00 later we received enough for for 5 of us with a little leftovers, the special rice was rice and soya sauce as was the chicken fried rice everything else was dry or tasteless. I would NOT order from here again.

4 /5 Rating average

We ordered take out for supper on a Friday. It was very busy and the wait was almost an hour. It was worth it. I can’t complain about a single item. We ordered the dinner for five plus two orders of dry ribs. The ribs are not boneless, but are nicely done. The chicken balls and shrimp had a crispy thin coating. There was enough rice – both white and special fried rice. I am not crazy about veggies but the chicken chop suey & vegetable beef were delicious. The egg rolls were very good. If you have not ordered from SR Kitchen before, give it a try. But be prepared as you may have to wait a while.

4 /5 Rating average

We had the dinner for 4 and had a couple extras. The shrimp have tails on it which isn't ideal but the shrimp is good. All the deep fried items have a thin flaky coating so you can taste the inside not just the coating like some places I've been. We had a lot of leek in our beef and veggie dish which took away taste to the other vegetables. The sweet and sour sauce was good but had a different taste to it than others but it's still good. This is the best place in town I've been to for Chinese nest to dakao food to go which closed just recently.

5 /5 Rating average

In my search to always find the best quality Chinese food I keep returning to S&R Kitchen for my take out. I appreciate that every dish has its own unique flavour - not everything tastes the same which I have experienced in other Chinese restaurants/takeout. It isn't greasy and it always arrives piping hot.The consistent quality is always there and we have been ordering from them for over 15 years. It is solid canadian Chinese food with a great specialty menu for more authentic noodles etc. The service is as fast as can be expected for such a busy takeout and delivery service is very efficient. We really love the consistent, yummy food! I have no hesitation recommending S&R Kitchen.