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2 /5 Rating average

Had the buffet. The only hot food was what they just brought out. Anything that had been out for awhile was just barely warm. When I mentioned it to the waitress, she asked me specifically which items were cold. I said all the meat dishes I tried were, including the roast beef and ham under the lights, and the broccoli, which was the only vegetable I had tried. Didn't hear another thing about it. Normally we go to a different, (and much better), Chinese buffet, but decided to try this place as it was closer and saved us some gas. Needless to say, we will not be back.

3 /5 Rating average

This restaurant has only been open 6 months. We didn't have the buffet,but had lunch there. The food is very tasty. They serve you on carts with so many dishes to chose from.The only thing I didn't like is your eating a little at a time, then another cart comes along where you can choose more dishes.For me I like have everything on my plate eat and go. It can get pricey. All in all its good tasy food. I want to try their buffet in the evening and see how that goes.........

5 /5 Rating average

This is by far the best Chinese buffet in town, the dishes are tasty and in different varieties.Only thing to do is to go there on an empty stomach.Definitely recommend

4 /5 Rating average

We attend 2 times, the first time was on a Saturday, but we were told that the buffet is only in the evenings, so did not stay.The second time we attended was a Friday evening. Took the family for the buffet. The food was good, with a good selection, so even fussy eaters could find something that they could enjoy. The price is high, but had received a $10.00 off coupon in the mail so that made it okay.

2 /5 Rating average

Fast service, clean efficient service, but the food was poor. Food was very oily and lacked taste and quality. Vegetables were over cooked. Will try once more to give a fair evaluation.

2 /5 Rating average

I tried this place in July and made a review for the terrible experience. Well, this time my sister convinced me that the buffet would be much better so that we tried it just after the opening last Sunday. She didn't have this buffet in a long time, but immediately saw that it was downstairs and many things that were before. The site says eating is MSG free, but on arrival and asking I was told that most of all MSG has, grr false advertising, hit. The food was cold and very oily!! Strike 2 and 3 ... many things have not been refilled very quickly We hungered and already here or I would have left for the MSG info, so I tried the three things on the buffet without it. The steam fish that was the only thing I ate was good, so everything I ate, like the steam vests were mostly rotted. The veggie rolls had meat in them going figure and were all noodles that were dry without veggies, unless you count a tiny chain of carrots and something unknown that was green, which you could hardly see. the mushroom chow my definately tasted and looked. My sister took a few bites on her plate and couldn't get the overwhelming oil taste and cold food she likes things hot. She never ate her. When we asked how our meal was, we shared our concerns to be met with full defense about the foods and problems we had. We went over 50.00 poorer and still hungry ...NEVER AGAIN lesson learned!

4 /5 Rating average

That was my first time here. My experience with Chinese/Asian buffets in Regina are usually with most items covered in dough and have no real taste. Rose Garden has reason for my first visit. I'm back.

1 /5 Rating average

we ordered to take at 1810, not to realize that the restaurant was closed, but they took our order for departure. No war winner in order, the chicken moon vegetables had 4 thin slices of rubbery chicken and 8 small pieces green...and red paprika then over 2 cups onions nothing else was rough, so I had to eat something for dinner that defeats the purpose of takeout! my nephew order was the house special and it was mostly lazy flowers a few carrots and 4 corn with 4 shrimps and a bit of chicken it saw and tasted inconspicuous. The chicken balls were good for my niece. When I called at home on arrival, no one answered the phone so the next day I phoned to complain and a new meal for the almond chicken cause I forget to mention the rotten cauliflower, we should have actually had a whole replaced order, but I went still hungry in the night before and was 40 poorer cause I had already left town, but my vegetables did not get the new meal that she said. I wouldn't go back later, but my sister says she's been here since then and found the buffet really good