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1 /5 Rating average

this place was really good with decent portions. now it is $17 for 5 small pieces of short ribs. they also refuse to give them bbq sauce because “it does not come with their combo”. serious? terrible worker and management is clearly pennys. it is not worth coming back. stay away and just go to a Korean bbq restaurant. it will be cheaper.

1 /5 Rating average

the chef started to use his phone as he waited for my dinner to cook? then he does not wash his hands and prepared my sandwich.

2 /5 Rating average

$13 for this bibimbap? I understand it's mall food, but that's just ridiculous. one of the worst options they can choose in food dishes. small portioning, underwhelming taste and not fulfills me like a good quality option should be lunchtime.

1 /5 Rating average

cheap ingredients! the chicken is very tasty, but the worst was the kimchi. I love Korean eating and I had kimchi regularly for the last 16 years both here and in korea. this place has the cheapest, most disgusting kimchi I've ever had!

1 /5 Rating average

All cold sides tastes stale!! Too expensive not worth the food

1 /5 Rating average

Worst customer service with false fake not accurate description of food. Order a BBQ beef they gave me chicken. But under the description both says chicken. They won't fix order. Bad service.

1 /5 Rating average

I've been a regular here for a while. I don't expect anything crazy in terms of food or service but it's decent food. However my experience today was awful. I ordered by usual BBQ chicken and when I was on my second piece of chicken I found a short curly hair in/on my chicken. Needless to say I went back to them to show them. The middle aged man with, surprise, curly hair, examined my food for a while asking me where I found it and why it looked like a new' hair. I'm not sure what that meant or why it was relevant. After staring at the hair, my head and muttering to himself for almost a full minute. He said sorry I'll make you a new one. I said, that's fine. They proceeded to give me a meal with 1/3 the amount for all of my sides. Keeping in mind I hadn't even touched 2 out of 3 of my sides. Frustrating experience. Not customer friendly at all. Really disappointing.

2 /5 Rating average

The servers weren't very friendly, but the main reason I won't go back again is the meat portion. With $15 for beef and chicken combo, you only get one thin slice of beef and one 5x5cm size of chicken. Totally not worth it.