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5885 boul. Cousineau, Longueuil, Quebec J3Y 7P5, Canada, Saint-Hubert
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4 /5 Rating average

We stopped at this location because we wanted to eat some St. Hubert rotisserie and it happened to be the closest location to where we were, just 2 minutes away.From the outside it looked abandoned as all the parking is at the back, but we were pretty impressed by the inside. For a place known for rotisserie chicken, they really do go all out with their decor. The paintings on the walls seemed carefully selected and the chandeliers were pretty nice.The waitress we had was nice enough. All of our orders came out correctly and the food arrived hot.Our table ordered chicken wings, the St. Burger, the Club Burger and chicken strips. The portions were big enough that we were full without any appetizers or dessert (the person who ordered the chicken wings wanted them as an entree). I personally had the St. Burger. I would have it again for sure! I also ordered their rice as a side, pretty weird side to accompany a burger, but I wanted rice and figured I could just steal a few fries from someone else.

1 /5 Rating average

Service de livraison rapide mais il manque toujours quelque chose dans les plats. Les portions ont diminué. Les club sandwichs, un classique , vraiment pas bons, une miette de bacon. Extra poutine avec seulement un petit de sauce qui vient habituellement avec tous les plats... pour le pris qu'on paie, ouf, c'est ordinaire.

4 /5 Rating average

My musician friends and I use to go to this St-Hubert once a week after our musical repetition. Food is good, service is welcoming and friendly. We like to share this lunch every time we have a musical session.

1 /5 Rating average

Bear with me as our story might be long, but worth the read.We arrived at the restaurant, a group of six, on Halloween night, which included family from Alberta. We were seated at 7pm.First thing we noticed were wiggly tables and broken lightbulbs on top of them. It took the waitress 15 to 20 minutes to take the order, and bring us our drinks. Waitress was nice and tried her best to speak to us in english, with a smile.We got our meals almost 60 minutes since we sat down, which means about 40 minutes after we ordered.Here is a low down of each dish and what was wrong with it:- Chicken breasts with fries. Fries were cold (not warm but cold)- Chicken breasts with oven-baked potato 1. Chicken overcooked (had to dig for pieces he could eat). Oven-baked potato overcooked and hard as a rock. - Chicken breasts with oven-baked potato 2. Chicken overcooked (had to dig for pieces he could eat). Oven-baked potato overcooked and hard as a rock. - Chicken filets (4 pieces). Chicken overcooked (only 1 1/2 pieces eaten). Fries were cold.- Chicken brochette. Vegetables and rice was cold. Brochette was warm (but not hot). I ordered with fries but it was served with a salad, which I changed for fries (those were hot).- Healthy chicken breast. Had a HUGE piece of fat on it. We could have returned our dishes, but since we were waiting for over 60 minutes, we ate it anyway. Then we asked to speak to a manager. She had the audacity to ask us if we speak french. They offered us new dishes (too late for that, and we were angry at this point). Then free desserts and a 20% discount. We opted for 30% without desserts.Insult to injury, the employees were too busy changing into Halloween costumes for a party starting in the bar section of the restaurant on that night.As far as being clean goes, the whole "grill section" was EXTREMELY dirty and the grill needed a huge scrubbing. Finally, there was a certificate at the exit guaranteeing us food of quality. Not only that was not true, but the "certificate" manage to mistype the word "guarantee" (in french). The main office was contacted on November 1st with a letter from us mentioning all the points said in this review. 9 days later, still no word back from St-Hubert. In the end, this has been the WORST DINING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! Giving this place one star is generous on my part.Avoid by all cost.

1 /5 Rating average

Rien ne va plus pour cette chaîne qui mise sur le calcul des portions (tout est pesé et calculé) au lieux de ce concentrer sur la qualité , le service et le respect de sa fidèle clientèle. Le Résultat à moyen terme sera malheureusement irréversible. Quand faire et servir une simple salade deviens un défi car les standard de qualité sont ignorés en servant du poulet sec qui a été passer plus d'une fois dans l'huile ou rester dans le réchaud bien trop longtemps c'est vraiment décevant . Après plusieurs visites nous en venons à la même conclusion que notre argent vaut plus que ce qui nous ai servi chez St Hubert Boulv Cousineau .C'était notre dernière visite.Scores sera notre resto pour manger du bon poulet BBQ à un prix plus abordable et bcp plus constant avec la qualité et la quantité de leurs plats .

2 /5 Rating average

Having dinner with a group is a different experience. Waitress was very rude and very impatient. Looked like she didn't want to serve us at all. At least, the food was good and we had a good get together.

4 /5 Rating average

The food at St-Hubert is quite good if not spectacular, and it is very consistent from one outlet to the other so you get exactly what you expect & want.

5 /5 Rating average

Bon resto familiale ;) Avec les deux neveux. Bonne bouffe. En livraison, pas super par contre. La salade de choux est sec sur la livraison. Y'a même un resto-bar et un magicien.