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793366 3rd Line EHS, Orangeville, ON L9W 5X7, Canada, Shelburne
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Experience a hassle-free reservation process at Adamo Estate Winery, situated at 793366 3rd Line EHS, Orangeville, ON L9W 5X7, Canada, Shelburne. Reserve your spot today and enjoy tantalizing cuisine. Want a reservation? Dial +15199423969.

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Monday 12:00 - 18:30

Tuesday 12:00 - 18:30

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Thursday 12:00 - 20:00

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4 /5 Rating average

Nice little place tucked away in Mono. Wine is ok maybe need to taste more. Had lunch and good was great. Outdoor patio is nice but try to get the upper deck. Lower deck has no view. We couldn't get reservations but walked in midday and they were kind enough to get us a table.

5 /5 Rating average

we went for a private taste and tour to lunch and then came back for the live music we had reserved for 8 o'clock in the night to dinner while staying in the hockley valley resort and let me tell them that it was absolutely phenomenal. the food was well thought out. everything we had was delicious, the staff is very polite and very well trained. our server carissa was super attentive and friendly. the manager prathik was thorough and the gm ken murray was very well entrusted with all the operations. we had the pleasure of meeting the chief winemaker shauna, who was very passionate about what she does and, in any case, has an obsession with detail. the live music on the terrace was fantastic! I would recommend visiting adamo estate winery! the total experience was 5 stars and all in all we had a fantastic time to capture our week in the resort. great work for the whole team! they are not disappointed. we had a great time and look forward to the return!

5 /5 Rating average

I visited adamo winery recently with the family and it surpassed the expectations! Not only the wine was fantastic, but it was the service that made our time there extra special. our server was so knowledgeable about the menu and that weingut and very friendly. he said he only worked a few weeks there, but wow, don't let this guy go! we would definitely come back to this experience. we stayed in hockley valley the night of our high season last year and in the hotel restaurant. it was a terrible experience. if we could do it again, we would rather have sown in the weingut! They made us feel more appreciated guests than we experienced the night of our high time. in any case recommend giving this place an attempt. also beautiful sunsets.

5 /5 Rating average

I was about three times in the winery and I can't have enough about the beautiful venue, amazing wein (legacy wines are my absolute fave! and super friendly staff. the place is cozy in winter, airy and breezy in summer time mainly on the terrace with views of the weinberg. I have bought so many bottles of legacy pet nat (I have always obeyed them when I visit) and everyone I shared with loved. effervescent, funny and turbid. They also have a great selection of seasonal and regular tapas style menu that I enjoyed every visit. I love you adamo!

5 /5 Rating average

fun wine tasting session. only $20. crisa was great. super friendly and large radiant smile. wife loved the sonjo white and hubby missed on the merit red, so sure it will meet next time. beautiful white white wine glasses, ideal for presentation and tasting. beautiful place, mr. adamo! part manager cool kerl and helpful. later this year, we will come back to the weep evening. look at what it looks like.

5 /5 Rating average

Always happy to support local winery. Exterior 5 stars Interior 5 stars Wine portfolio 5 stars Kitchen n/a (closed for lockdown) Tasting booth n/a (closed for lockdown) Customer service 4 stars Overall average: 5 stars (4.75 actually) Note: Customer service was not enthusiastic and did not engage in the conversation . After asking a question, you will get the answer(yes, no, short few words). Not sure if the person was just down because of covid reality or not as friendly. If we would have tasted with this person, it would be a solid overall 4 stars! To get unquestionable 5 stars, you need to deliver as Colaneri winery. Definitely, will give a second chance. Ps: house Vidal is refreshing, crisp, dry, very lemony with touch of apple.

4 /5 Rating average

This review is for the facility only. This winery has a restaurant and cafe facility which is very nice. In fact I was not expecting such a nice facility given the area. The place is about 1 hour away from the GTA and the 120 person wedding venue is also very nice. The main space has a store for wines, oils, spreads and the like. Then there is a restaurant space above with elevator access. They have a large patio next to the restaurant seating area and another by the main floor cafe. Pets are not welcomed but there is one spot where they will allow you to sit with your pet. Not lot of seats. The bathroom was modest and nothing special. They also have a spot for weddings where you can have the ceremony outside. Bet it will look fabulous with the right decor. So this place is nice for a vineyard but not super fancy. I have seen nicer venues in Niagara. But it is a nice option if you want to celebrate an occasion because they have a kitchen facility and can cater your meal.

1 /5 Rating average

I enjoyed going to Adamo with my wife and sometimes with group of neighbours from the day they opened their doors. I went to Adamo last Saturday and I was disappointed to sit beside the elevator, how can one enjoy the ambiance of a winery when you are seated between the elevator and the stairs leading to the bathroom. I live one street over from the winery and my wife loves this place. We are repeat customers and then some. After my visit this last weekend, I felt that this place has become more of a banquet hall than a winery. I understand that this is a business and they have to make money, but they do need to let their vineyard clients know that they will be not be seated to experience the winery. I still do enjoy Adamo but looks like we have lost our go to place. My understanding is that this place will be doing more banquet type of bookings.