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535 Mount Pleasant Rd | On, Toronto, Ontario M4S 2M5, Canada
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Don't miss out on a memorable dining experience at The Belsize Public House, located at 535 Mount Pleasant Rd | On, Toronto, Ontario M4S 2M5, Canada. Reserve your table through our intuitive reservation page and savor succulent culinary delights. Want a reservation? Dial +14164876468.

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2 /5 Rating average

We had a reservation for 7:00pm. We got the food only at 8:30. Not enough people working there. They're completely overwhelmed. Too bad because we like the place... not sure we'll go again.

3 /5 Rating average

Either they don't know what a public house is or they just don't want to make it one. It should be a pub where you can have a few beers and then stay for food but this place is a full sit down restaurant where its frowned upon to show up without a reservation to grab a few drinks and not eat.they did the inside nicely but they have little interest in you stopping for a drink or you bringing your kids in (they had no plastic glasses or kids menu) I asked if i could get a smaller portion of a main course for my toddler i was told no problem but you have to pay the full price...thanks.

4 /5 Rating average

Make sure you make a reservation at this quaint neighbourhood restaurant. We were fortunate to get a table, without a reservation, on a Friday evening and saw the waitresses turn at least 6 groups of guests away because the place was packed. Even the sit down bar area was occupied. Plenty of tasty food and good selection of alcoholic beverages. Will return in the future.

2 /5 Rating average

A Monday evening. A few tables were available, so we optimistically accepted one in anticipation of a tasty pub meal. It took 15 minutes for us to be recognized and an order taken. It took an additional 35 minutes for the hamburger (with $2 slice of cheese on it !) to arrive. At no point did the waitress check in on us to see how the meal was or whether we needed more to drink. She seemed exceptionally well-trained on how to avoid eye contact. It took an additional 15 minutes to clear our plates and even more time than that to get the bill. The excused offered was that they were understaffed THAT day. From briefly reading other reviews, it seems as if that day is every day. The food was ordinary. The cole slaw was especially disappointing. My advice is that customers should be warned in advance if there truly is a temporary understaffing issue. Some may prefer the long waits, others will at least have the option of going elsewhere. There are other choices nearby. For us, it was the first and the last visit.

3 /5 Rating average

The food is good when it eventually arrives... they desperately need more help in the kitchen... waited 40 minutes for our meals and they actually messed it up....

3 /5 Rating average

We went here on Father's Day with high hopes but left with a clear decision not to return. Things started poorly when we arrived on the patio to overhear an angry customer saying he had waited 45 minutes for Mac and Cheese and was leaving after paying for drinks. Our service was better but in the end, we decided that the food generally was not up to par. My Caesar Salad was very ordinary with no hint of that Caesar flavour I like so well. My Hoser burger, recommended by the waitress, was big but the main flavour was that of burned meat, so I didn't really taste any beef, and I can say that Canadian back bacon was not a tasty addition. The fries were okay and the wings were quite good. My wife found her fish and chips filling but not memorable. The pork belly taco meal was described as okay. The desserts were good and my beer was excellent. Unfortunately the patio is very uneven and one must stick folded paper under at least one table leg or chair leg for comfort. Service was reasonable but not first rate.

2 /5 Rating average

The truth is it is not a pub but a crowded sit down restaurant where you are shoulder to shoulder with other diners.I was by myself and they would have preferred I sit at the bar but I wanted a table. I had a Moroccan salad which was very good and plentiful. It was a popular restaurant so service wasn't top notch. It may not be on my list to go again as there are a lot of restaurants on MP that are that and not as crowded.

4 /5 Rating average

Visited in recent holiday to Toronto. Lovely bar/restaurant with a good range of dishes on menu. Helpful service and food really tasty especially our Poutine & S'mores cake. Worth visiting.