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55 Dunlevy Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 3A3, Canada
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3 /5 Rating average

Mixed feelings about this place. The food was simply outstanding for brunch—I got a French toast that was so insanely good. I tried my friend's avocado toast and it was insanely delicious, too. Also, portions were just right, not too big or too small. Great!The wine wasn't my favorite. I think that's just how wineries go sometimes, and this one just wasn't my favorite. If I were to return I'd probably just do a flight since I wasn't too impressed with my own selections. Okay.Service left a bit to be desired. We were there for brunch on a Sunday right when they opened, and the host mentioned we'd have to leave by noon because of other reservations. No problem, we had other things going on that day anyway. But even when the place only had a few tables filled, it was difficult to get our server's attention. We had to flag her down just to get water refilled a few times, and she brought the check when we'd actually asked for another round of drinks only an hour into our stay. She mentioned to someone in our group that she was massively hungover, and sure we've all been there but it was a little frustrating. They made it clear that we were only welcome for a certain amount of time, and yet getting the server's attention was challenging at times. Meh.

4 /5 Rating average

I chose this place as it was in the middle of all of us friends who were getting together after the holidays.I called ahead and reserved a table. There were 7 of us when I called. I was asked for a credit card to "hold" my table and I was told we could only be there for 2 hours. Not off to a good start. I was a little offended - especially when I was told that if we no showed, I'd be charged $150!! WHAT? I almost didn't continue with the reservation. Apparently this is something they do for reservations over 6 people.However I did. Three days before our reservation date, I had to call back to re-arrange as 2 of us were down with the flu, one in hospital. So this reservation was now for 5 people.Finding this place is not easy. It looks easy to find on a map, but the building is rather non-descript. However, once you find the MASSIVE doors, which are stunning, you definitely want to go in. Great entrance.Our host sat us at the nearest table, right beside the door. Now, it looked to me that they were not sure where to seat us. After assessing the room, I asked to be moved further inside. I'll note that both tables are really for 4 people. We were given a stool with no back to add on for our seating.That said, the wine flights and beer flights we tried were fantastic. The food we had was awesome. That is this place's saving grace. That and our server was terrific. The Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese is sooo good!! Highly recommend it.Towards the end of our visit, we realized why they didn't want to put us at the table we were finally seated at. A large party celebrating a 30th birthday was coming in and dominating the back area. The poor people who were sitting across from us were being squeezed out of their table. Thankfully we were done and going. This was a LOT of people, far more than the area had 14 seats for.Overall, this is a great place to go with a couple of friends. It's not conducive to large gatherings. The pricing was good, the wait staff were awesome. God selection of food and wine and beer. Worth a look. But keep your table to 4 maximum.

4 /5 Rating average

Great room in the east van area! Looks like an old warehouse with tall ceilings so it gets a little noise at times but it is all good. Great choices of wine flights and local craft beers! Great bits to share from Belgard Kitchen. Try the lamb and any pizza. Kid friendly and try to make a reservation if possible. Will be back for sure!

4 /5 Rating average

Postmark Brewing is located here. I wasn't able to try the food but it looked amazing and fresh. The beer here was good but limited choices of what was available. They had a huge selection of location wines.

4 /5 Rating average

We were taken here by some local friends during our holiday to Canada. It was a bit off the beaten track and even when you get to it it is not obvious. You open some huge doors to gain access. Once inside it is a mixture of industrial and brewing which makes for a great backdrop. They have a good selection of wines and beers which you can get flights of so that you can try several before you have a larger one. The food is mainly for sharing so we had 3 dishes between 2 of us and our friends did the same. Good service and good value.

4 /5 Rating average

The wine list ist interesting and the food to share a bit like the Spanish tapas style with a very modern and industrial charm. The sportive style in the rustic atmosphere allowed me to enjoy more than one wonderful evening. It is not the top notch style but absolutely recommendable.

4 /5 Rating average

It's a craft brewery. It's a winery. It's a restaurant. They have wine flights which include other wineries. It is a jumbled mess of a re-purposed industrial building (the overhead bridge crane is used to suspend light fixtures), ancient doors and fireplaces which came from who knows where. Food and wine are good. Atmosphere is funky. What is not to like?

4 /5 Rating average

Airy, refurbished building a couple of blocks off main travelled area. Lots of great beers. Brunch burgers were very tasty and filling. So much so that one couple split one. The pictured Health Nut Bowl was an interesting idea well executed and delicious. Don't let the lack of reviews put you off-you should visit.