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4853 Main St, Vancouver, British Columbia V5V 3R9, Canada
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4 /5 Rating average

You know a winner when there is a stream of regular patrons coming through the door and speaking to the servers on a first name basis. It’s a really small place with a simple menu, but they are great at what they make. I had the steamed dumplings, very juicy. I recommend the pan fried dumplings which were nicely crispy on the bottom. I liked how the rice cakes were not sticking together with just the right chewy texture. The Tan Tan noodles were flavourful and not too spicy. The shrimp tofu was great. The shrimp were perfectly done and the tofu was nice and soft. This place can get very busy with the limited seating, but they take reservations. Definitely will be back here.Drop me a comment or a like if you found this helpful.

4 /5 Rating average

The restaurant works at a face pace, so don't hum and haw about ordering ... and don't sit around when you're done or you'll be asked to leave your table for waiting customers. There's always a line-up. We ordered 3 dishes and they were all excellent: Drunken Chicken, Xiaolong Bao, and Rice Cakes with Cabbage, Sprouts, and sliced Pork. I will return soon!

5 /5 Rating average

Definitely one of my all time favourite restaurants, hands down!! It's a tiny owner (Sandy) run restaurant that is all about tasty food and SPEED at a reasonable price. Please don't expect attentive service nor spacious seating, that's not their focus. If this is your first time, you may even think they are rude, don't take it personally as their seat turnover rate is insane during major meal periods. They are about consistently delicious food. Our regular dished include: xiao long bao (super juicy dumplings with a thin wrap), drunken chicken (served warm in a small jar, the well marinated tender chicken slices, not too heavy on the wine taste nor too salty) can't be beat, snow cabbage shredded pork & rice cake is one of the most satisfying gluteny dish, and tan tan mein. Fun Fact: a group of 8 of us sat down, ordered, ate and paid within 30 min. So if you want a non-traditional 'fast' but delicious food, come here! But be prepared to wait for seating- hence why people are 'rushed' by the waitress. We go often and know not to linger after the meal and to stack the plates so others can be seated.

5 /5 Rating average

With reason, this is a popular spot. When we got our table, we were amongst the only non-Chinese diners, which is a great sign when you want an authentic meal. Remember that you're not going here for the location, otherwise the very basic decor & chance that you'll be sharing your table with strangers will ruin your experience - this is about the food! Our waitress was very helpful & made great suggestions of what was best on the meal. So here's what we loved: wine chicken - poached chicken in a potent, yet delicate broth. Juicy or soup dumplings - delicious pork & broth wrapped in a little dumpling. Shanghai style pan fried thick noodles - simply delicious. Noodles with meat sauce - almost spaghetti tasting noodles in a slightly spicy, peanut sauce with ground meat. We also ordered a vegetable dish, pea shoots I think our waitress said - it was delicious but surprisingly by far the most expensive item we ordered. We didn't love the beef roll - the bread itself was amazing & the sauce, but the beef was very chewy. Tea was served throughout our meal - which we learned if you want your teapot topped up, flip the lid & your waitress will know you need more! Enjoy China in Vancouver : )

3 /5 Rating average

Quisimos probar un poco de esta comida y nos pareció todo muy rico (irrepetible los nombres). El local muy pequeño pero nos atendieron muy bien y los precios fueron muy buenos

1 /5 Rating average

My girlfriend was visiting from TO and she wanted to have noodles on this wet Fall day. We went to Le Petit Cafe nextdoor but it was full. Decided to try Long's.Walked in and the waitress stated we had to share a table. Okay with us. We ordered two dishes to share. Food was good. It came with tea. We finished eating in less than one hour. We wanted to drink our tea and chat a bit. This started the most rude offensive treatment I've ever experienced in a restaurant.The waitress snatched the cup of tea from my girlfriend's hand and cleared the dishes. Told us other people were waiting.That we had to leave! There were empty seats at our shared table. Those people sat down within 5 minutes. During the entire time, the two waitresses were complaining we weren't leaving to themselves and other patrons. We understood their entire rude conversation about us. We left after 15 minutes being subjected to their tirade.They even wondered if we paid when we left. My girlfriend wished she didn't tip them after this incident. There were still two empty tables when we left and nobody waiting. We were there total of one hour 10 minutes. Forced out for no good reason.DON'T GO THERE!!!GO TO LE PETIT CAFE nextdoor.

4 /5 Rating average

Few days ago I went with some of my friends for the second time to “Long’s Noodle House” in Vancouver. Some of my friends liked that place; and they were not alone: Last time all tables were booked and there was a line-up. Luckily, we had booked in advance. We ordered Wine Chicken, Shanghai Style Wheat Gluten, Hot & Sour Soup, Steamed Mini Pork Buns, Beef Rolls, Snow Cabbage Shredded Pork & Rice Cake. The Wine Chicken was good; in the broth one could really taste the wine. The Hot & Sour Soup was really spicy. The Steamed Mini Pork Buns tasted ok too; they were such a favourite of a friend that he was always ordering 3 or 4 servings of them. The Snow Cabbage Shredded Pork & Rice Cake was not so my taste; but that’s just personally. The Beef Rolls were my favourite. In general, this restaurant was really good. The only negative issue I found was that it was focussed on Chinese customers; some of the offers were written in Chinese only. Of course, I was always the only Caucasian customer…

4 /5 Rating average

The food in this restaurant is never disappointing. The Xiao Loon Bao (steamed pork dumpling) is the best in town, juicy and the wrapping is thin. The chicken wonton soup is good but need to be pre-ordered. The pork balls (chi tae tao) is so delicious, it just melts into your mouth. The only setback with the restaurant is need to book the table otherwise, you have to stand and wait for a long time or will be advise to leave and come another day.