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2 King St S, Waterloo, Ontario N2J 1N8, Canada
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3 /5 Rating average

The lady who owns this place is a gem and probably one of the hardest working women in town. If you're going to support any Korean restaurant let this be the one. Food is pretty good as well!

4 /5 Rating average

Great choice on the menu Food is fresh and nicely presented Atmospher needs attention. Lovely selection of traditional dishes Go for the food

1 /5 Rating average

I used to like this restaurant but ever since this terrible customer service experience that I had today I am not coming back again. I ordered their Naengmyeon dish, it's a cold noodle dish, and it was not good at all there was a nasty after taste, after 2 bites I couldn't eat anymore. I ordered something else. When paying for the bill they charged me for it and the waitress knew that I didn't like it. She got the manager and he was jerk, telling me that it's not his fault that I didn't like the taste of it and asked me if I've had the dish before, which I have and it didn't taste like that. So he started an argument with me and he refused to credit it off my bill and didn't even offer to charge 1/2 off for it. It was not worth $11 and they should take it off the menu. I don't recommend it, it's disgusting. The manager needs to learn some manners and have better customer service.

4 /5 Rating average

When you walk in the door, you are greeted in Korean. The food is tasty and there are many flat screen televisions playing Korean entertainment shows. Our favourites are the tofu and seafood soup, Bibimbop, cold buckwheat noodles (spicy or plain). Each entree is served with free green tea and water as wee as 4 condiments: seasoned potatoes, green pickles, Kimchee and seasoned daikon. Delicious!

5 /5 Rating average

Took a chance on this place and it was way beyond my expectations. The soups are absolutely delicious, the side dishes are interesting and the service was wonderful and friendly. I went in for lunch and returned with friends for dinner. Everyone was pleasantly surprised. Take your time when ordering from the menu like most places it depends upon what you ordered. It is a family owned and operated establishment. It is not particularly impressive Ambiance wise however the food makes up for that ten-fold! The portions are great and the prices are cheap making this a win-win establishment!

4 /5 Rating average

This is a meal for 2 with leftovers to take home. It comes to the table with a pot over a small flame to keep it hot and you self serve from the main bowl. There are other smaller dishes that you can have to go with the meal at no extra cost.This was a real hearty meal and we have since gone back to enjoy it again.It is not the fanciest place but the food we had was excellent.

4 /5 Rating average

I rarely have high expectations for Korean food outside the major cities in Canada, but this place was good. A couple of dishes like the spicy rice cakes (dukbokki) were not good, but everything else we had was quite good. Service is very good and friendly, and portions are decent. Good place to go on your own or with some friends.

5 /5 Rating average

They serve authentic Korean food - best pork bone soup I've ever had, anywhere. I love the side dishes and they always refill them for me during the meal. Service is incredibly fast, you can't go wrong!For anyone commenting about the décor, they have clearly never been to an Owl before - all of them look like this and at $10 a dish you're really not paying for an ambiance or experience, you're there for the home style food, so take your complaints elsewhere.