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1-1370 Alpha Lake Road | at the area known as Function Junction, Whistler, British Columbia V0N 1B1, Canada
141 Reviews 4.7

Secure your table at 200 Degrees, situated at 1-1370 Alpha Lake Road | at the area known as Function Junction, Whistler, British Columbia V0N 1B1, Canada, with just a few clicks on our reservation page. Embark on a culinary journey and relish delicious dishes. Secure a culinary journey by dialing +16049321699.

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3 /5 Rating average

Stopped in for lunch. Had a really nice egg salad sandwich which they heated up to toast the bread. Only downside was that there was no room to sit. Friendly people.

5 /5 Rating average

The pretzel is to die for.... but in a good die way. $2.20 gets you THE best pretzel this side of the moon. So good. And if you have a gluten intolerance try the sour dough bread... my girlfriend is gluten intolerant and tried and Ioves the sour dough bread. She has had no reaction at all!!!! As good, or better, than Pure Bread and you don't have to wait in line. Plus they have better coffee.Love you.D & M

4 /5 Rating average

I am not kidding! I purchased the last loaf at 2.15 pm. And the Head Baker had made one and one-half the usual number of loaves. It is a bit of a trek to Function Junction so you do not want to miss out. Now for the review: This baker's bread is not new to me in the sense of enjoying her products at one of the outstanding fine dining establishments where she was the in house baker. Lucky me because now I do not have to pay the big bucks to get way more than a few slices of heaven! I got a whole focaccia at her shop for the price of four pieces of bread at the establishment. Simply awesome bread! There is an eat in component of sandwiches and such but that is for another day. I spirited my loaf back home and enjoyed it with hummus, black olive tapenade and pinot gris on my deck. Life as it should be!

4 /5 Rating average

Very cute little shop.

5 /5 Rating average

The Bretzel bubbles are amazing and the breakfast sandwiches with Bretzel bags are amazing! great coffee, great matcha latté and friendly staff. highly recommended for those who check the function transfer.

5 /5 Rating average

the sandwichs and cookies are amazing! incredible care and quality in these bakery products. the brot is also particularly fantastic!

4 /5 Rating average

Stop picking up sandwiches for our mtn bike adventure. We ordered three different vegetarian sandwiches and they were all delicious. I am usually not a fan of hummus sandwiches because they are usually a thick touch of hummus on just ok bread with a slice of tomatoes and cucumber. This was just a thin blow of hummus with beet and eggplants on fantastic breads. And the breakfast egg sandwich with zucchini on a Bretzel bread was another big hit. I would give them 5 stars, but their website still says that they will open in 2016). We almost didn't even try to find her never open, but my husband saw that there were reviews. I know social media and an online presence are a pain for small businesses, but they are crucial tools. At least your website should list your address and hours of operation. We have to stop to try their baked goods.

5 /5 Rating average

What a fabulous find that was thrown away in CreekSide. I wouldn't know about this amazing bakery unless my son had brought me here. Great. Wonderful fresh bread that is not all white! Yippee. Sensational sandwiches. Cater for vegetarian amazing soups hearty bites and so much more! The best coffee in town. Polite enthusiastic staff. A must. Ask a local to find directions easier when you have a car. Good.