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13029 Tecumseh Rd E, Tecumseh, Ontario N8N 3T4, Canada, Windsor
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Unlock an unforgettable dining experience at Fong's Villa Restaurant, situated at 13029 Tecumseh Rd E, Tecumseh, Ontario N8N 3T4, Canada, Windsor, with just a few clicks on our reservation page. Indulge in savory culinary masterpieces. Get a table booked by calling +15199792323.

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3 /5 Rating average

Knowing the business had been sold we tried it more time. Bad idea! I made a reservation which was unnecessary. The waitress had difficulty taking our order due to language barrier (and we had an extremely simple order). It took 20 minutes to get our egg rolls after our soup and only when I asked about them. Upon arriving we were the only family in the upper section. Families arrived after us, were waited on after us (by the same waitress) and had meal served before us. I questioned that as well and asked if she gave our meal to another table. She said no but face turned red immediately and our meal was served within minutes. Now for the food.... sauces were very minimal on both the sweet and sour and soo guy, beef with mixed vegetables was half raw, fried rice was partially burnt. The chop suey was good. Another waitress brought us boxes to pack up the left overs ... not sure why we took them. I had to ask for the bill from a third waitress and would have waited in line behind 6 others if I hadn't been lucky enough to have correct change. Disappointed!! The family should have taken the name with them, need to find a new place... I won't make that mistake again.

2 /5 Rating average

The new owners at Fongs better get their stuff together. We ordered food at 5:30 and were told it will be 45 minutes. We arrive to pick it up after 45 minutes and were told it will be another 15 minutes. Turns out it was another HOUR and FIFTEEN MINUTES! The old owners would call people back and let them know if it was going to take longer. They offered us extra fortune cookies for making my wife sit there for more than an hour extra. Unacceptable. the food was still good, but the portions were smaller than normal making me think they reduced them to try to get more orders out. We're not sure we'll ever be back.

5 /5 Rating average

Best chinese food aroubf Staff are friendly and efficient and decor ver pleasant and oriental They do a great takeout business as well

4 /5 Rating average

We've tried many Chinese restaurants around but in the end, Fong's wins out as the best Chinese food around by far. Although it's sometimes had to get thru on the phone, it's worth the extra effort. Would recommend to anyone interested in a good Chinese food dinner.

4 /5 Rating average

19-Feb-2017Regular customer of Fong's Villa for a number years ... Even with recent change in ownership, it is simply the favoured choice for "Chinese" food in Tecumseh.Tend to do 'take away' but it has a relatively large dining area so you will not have to wait if you are going to 'dine in'...Food is good! New owners have introduced a house fried rice which is a favourite. Also, recommend the broccoli & beef, Shanghai noodles, spice shrimp, garlic green beans, and chicken Hong Kong style.Service is friendly and professional.Recommend

1 /5 Rating average

Food poisoning New Years Eve. Told me they were backlogged in the kitchen and order would take up to 3 hours. I was okay with this as it was 5PM when i called. The order was delivered in less than an hour. It was cold and I noticed the chicken to be a little soft. But i figured it was fried and should be fine. Within 2 hours I was steering the big white wheel into the wee hours. I called Fongs this morning to advise them they may be getting more calls and they shouldn't rush their orders. She totally blew me off and rushed me off the phone. Fix your process Fongs Villa.

1 /5 Rating average

I dropped off my typed out order at 2:00 p.m. for a 8:00 p.m. pick-up. I left the restaurant at 9:05 p.m. I understand that it was New Year's Eve, but so should they for staffing. They were unapologetic about the delay. They told me that they were waiting on one dish, 22 minutes later, I was given my order. The food tasted like it sat for an extended period of time. The refused to honour the 10% cash pick-up discount, no explanation why. There are no written exceptions for the discount on the menu. They did not make me feel like a valued customer. I will never visit their restaurant again.

3 /5 Rating average

Fong's used to have the best Chinese food in town, but the quality just isn't the same anymore. On my last three visits, the meat has been tough and fatty. The flavour also isn't as excellent as it once was.