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10544 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 2A4, Canada
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4 /5 Rating average

Massive selection of craft beer, good selection of video games (best in the city that I've seen), and food (Too busy to have tried it). One of the better spots on Whyte.

4 /5 Rating average

Finally popped into this place on a Sunday afternoon and found it pretty empty. The staff were very helpful recommended some beers and even tasters. Great selection of beer and at half price a steal. Just ordered wings which were large and tasty. A tad on the expensive side but good. There seems to specials on everyday so worth stopping by. Looks like a yeast selection of old arcade games for those interested. Great staff. Great beer. Great prices. Enjoy!'

3 /5 Rating average

My husband and I went to this place after a much deserved reprieve from our two children. Since our children are just old enough to take care of themselves, we went pretty early wanting to avoid the 18 year old groups and wanting to have an opportunity to play the games before it got busy. Well going too early = overpriced draft. The drink specials only begin at 8pm for $4 a pint so even though we are there early...when the waiter exclaimed "why is it so dead?" I wanted to exclaim about the lack of specials. Also, the first time I tried this joint there was more games then the last I hope this isn't a trend.....As well, besides the beer specials, I think instead of $1-$2 a game, there should be a "the more tokens you purchase-the better the deal"...this is a usual offer with arcades so I was a bit surprised there was no incentive to buy more.....We only stayed for 1 pint, $10 worth of games and when pondering a 2nd pint...didn't want to wait till 8pm for the we left. We would of stayed longer and spent more money if there was a better deal...just something to think about.

2 /5 Rating average

Just another arcade. Not interested at all in what they have to offer here plus there was not enough places to actually sit and socialize. I think there are better game centers for adults than this one.

4 /5 Rating average

Met friends there for a birthday. There is a huge selection of 'old-fashioned' and more modern arcade video games. Some of the more popular games can have a long wait to play.Didn't have any beer so I cannot comment, but the food was good especially the in-house-made potato chips. They can be ordered in approx 8 flavours or plain - try the flavours. Also had a burger which tasted good, but the bun was dry and very crumbly.Our waitress was very friendly, but with only a few serving staff, service was a bit slow.Overall, a great atmosphere and fun place.

4 /5 Rating average

This place is great! Very nostalgic. I went on a double date here. Can get kind of expensive, but it's a lot of fun. Not too many options for food last time I went. I got the battered cauliflower, it was delicious but very spicy.

3 /5 Rating average

Great range of draft beers but my first one was a bit watery. Food selection basic, but decent enough, and you're not coming here for the food anyway. Long line of arcade games seemed to keep some patrons happy.

3 /5 Rating average

Just went in for beer and an appetizer before doing something else for the evening. They had good daily specials, with Thursday being $4 beers. It took longer than expected to get the beers for it being so early in the evening, but the beer was good and so was the kettle chips. Will come again