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1105 Hwy 1 Frontage Rd., Golden, British Columbia V0A 1H0, Canada
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2 /5 Rating average

Waitress was not really attentive: she forgot 1 plate, never asked us whether we wanted more drinks. Floor was dirty... Food was so-so. Pulled pork was good, ribs and sausage were disappointments

3 /5 Rating average

Fire Pit BBQ Smokehouse is a typical joint trying to recreate the southern style bbq. Conveniently located on trans Canada hwy, with easy access for travelers passing through. Restaurant has average decor and cleanliness. Menu choices were typical for a bbq smokehouse restaurant and prices matched the going rates. Service was average. Families are welcome. Bar section available.

3 /5 Rating average

I had the bacon steak which was interesting and quite good. My wife had the ribs which she said were quite good. Our grandson had the baby back ribs which he said were too smoky.

3 /5 Rating average

Good portion of food for an individual. The food is good too but not too great. But the place has a lot of flies flying around our food (summer - so I don't know how it is during the winter). The server is friendly, but the place just puts me off because of the flies going around and touching our food.

3 /5 Rating average

We were in Golden 3 nights ago and looking for something different for dinner. My mom wanted BBQ and there it was, right next door to our motel! I read the reviews and was a little worried about the quality of the food, considering a few people said they didn't feel too good afterwards. BUT, napkins in hand, we ordered up! My son got the poutine and the meat, macaroni and cheese dinner. The kids 12 years old but has an appetite! He LOVED his macaroni dinner but wasn't a big fan of the poutine. To be honest, I've had better. BUT, it was a hearty portion so he was filled up.My mom went for the baby back ribs. They were nice and smokey. She had her meal with fries and it came with corn on the Cobb. She said her ribs were great and she had enough left over to finish them up for lunch the next day. Not my favourite as I love BBQ sauce! By the way, you can add all the sauce you want as they have a condiment tray on the table with all their sauces. Mom just likes her ribs dry.I had the combo meat meal to try the pulled pork and the beef brisket. Both were excellent! The beef was a little fatty, but I think that's pretty normal? My complaints were 2 things. I ordered the baked potato which comes free (along with the really good corn on the Cobb) but I paid a couple of bucks extra to get my potato "loaded" which was a little tub of sour cream and some bacon bits and green onions. Too much of a money grab on that one. ALSO, I've always heard of and seen bbq like this served with coleslaw - I had to pay extra to get a little tub of it, and it really made the meal - particularly the pulled pork went so well with it. So it was annoying to pay over $2 for a tiny tub of chopped cabbage and sauce. I would like to suggest they throw that in for free when you order one of the pricier dinners. Somehow a free tub of coleslaw came with my sons macaroni and meat dinner! Lucky me - 2 tubs of coleslaw!All in all, it was a good dinner. No one got sick and mom and I had leftovers for lunch the next day! Just didn't like them cheaping out on a few things (and a fresh baked potatoe would have been nicer!)I would go back again and we do recommend it even though I was miffed on the costs of the little extras.

5 /5 Rating average

Stopped in with my family on a road trip home from Vancouver. Amazing smoked meats, everything made fresh in house, right down to the salad dressing. Will stop here for sure next time through!

2 /5 Rating average

After a day road trip from Calgary to Banff & Lake Louise, we stayed at Best Western Mountainview Inn. Due to late check-in, we just went to a nearby restaurant. So we picked Fire Pit BBQ Smokehouse. When we entered and asked the server whether they were still serving, the answer was "Yes, we are serving AMAZING FOOD". We, 11 people, ordered Burgers, Pasta, Onion soup, salad, sandwich ...etc. Although we were hungry, but have to say that Soup was salty, Fries were thin (like malnutrition), missing orders (drinks), all other foods are so-so, ordinary, mediocre ...any words can express “nothing special”. Last but not least, the price was above average and they fixed 18% service fee on the bill. I normally paid 15% due to large group dinning. Really disappointed on the dinner, so called AMAZING FOOD!This is the point, if you are serving the food which is not amazing, please don't emphasis it.

5 /5 Rating average

Lovely food for a fair price, we went twice to this restaurant. First time the village had a power-out and we had to leave the restaurant just before we got served the main course because of a leaking propane tank (strong winds blew a tree over it) but the day we've had the best ribs since our four week stay in Canada :-)