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5443, rue Wellington, Montreal, Quebec H4H 1N4, Canada, Verdun
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Don't miss out on a memorable dining experience at Woodland Restaurant, located at 5443, rue Wellington, Montreal, Quebec H4H 1N4, Canada, Verdun. Reserve your table through our intuitive reservation page and savor appetizing culinary delights. To ensure a place, a call to +15147681171 is all it takes.

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3 /5 Rating average

Attention to pizza lovers without taste without flavor, it is here that, we have to go. little insipid tomato sauce, moreover, the greasy peperoni, generous cheese that remains caught in ball,bref I know what people find in this pizza but for me after several tests I do not recommend this pizza try something else on the menu.

5 /5 Rating average

A hotel found on the path to the fish back was found, p. 46a was well eated and serviced was very good, and the daily vegetables were not lost. Many of the scores are preferable to avoid too much one-time, and pizza is the only manifold of the manifolds, which could then be used to feed the hotel.

4 /5 Rating average

After work, on a Thursday evening, we were just looking for somewhere quick to eat and we had not explored this end of Wellington, so we dropped in at the Woodland Restaurant. The restaurant was very busy, which is usually a good sign, and it obviously has a loyal clientele. The food is fairly straight/forward - pizzas, salads, steaks ... nothing fancy or pretentious. The waitress was friendly, the food arrived promptly, but they were a bit slow in taking our payment at the end. I had the meat lover's pizza which had a plenty of meat, but was the pizza base was a bit too thick for my taste. Overall, what you would expect from a restaurant like this, and probably a bit better. Finally, the menu had Balck Forest Gateau as a dessert so if you want a taste of the 1980's, here it is!

4 /5 Rating average

Spaghetti and London steak !!!!Great place to eat. very popular and lots of people. Family recommended.Great service. Thanks to Caroline the waitress who took good care of us :)Though it was very busy, service time was more than adequate.Expect big portion sizes if you want to make place for dessert... unfortunately we were too full to have any of their dessert.Price is reasonableStrongly recommended :)

2 /5 Rating average

One evening found during a short stay in Montreal, by flea to cook and go out in the sight of extreme temperatures.Arrived on site, a real hive with a line of sex bookers and a phone that sounds without ending, we said good choice, considering calls it must be good...command pretty quick for pizza, a club sandwich, pasta and a basic scalope of veal, but back Especially to avoid

4 /5 Rating average

I have been eating at Woodland Restaurant for about 15 years and I can say that I have always thoroughly enjoyed my meal. Their pizza is fantastic and I always order Tzaiki with it..yum yum. Their Smoked Meat is also something worth coming back for..they have a nice large menu so there is something for everyone

5 /5 Rating average

Located in Verdun, this place has been around "forever" and there is a reason for this. Excellent quality at great value. Highly rated for its pizza, but try other dishes as well.

4 /5 Rating average

the service is very user-friendly and as mentioned in title, pizza is excellent. In fact, many former residents of veedun come back specifically to go to the woodland pizza.